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Investment Opportunities in India

Looking for an Investment in Lucrative Agriculture Export Venture

An Agricultural-Export start up of Green Foliage. This is a new business concept in India, with huge export potential in Europe.

Reforming Agriculture Investments (Care-Support-Growth-Collaboration)

An agrotech investment friendly export firm provides a platform for farmers, investors and exporters to work collaboratively.

Debt Needed for Green House Horticulture Farming with 58% ROI

Green house horticulture farming of high cost spices and semi-perishable vegetables. Fund required$ 32000. Repayment $13000 per year for 4 years starts from first year

One Stop Shop for Mushrooms in India, Farming and Consultancy

Mushroom farming and consultancy services firm. Products: Fresh/Canned Button Mushrooms Services: Mushroom Raw Material: Seed & composing sell Plant Consultancy

Required Debt Fund For Expansion of Dairy Farm in Ahmedabad Gujarat

We are having fully functional self sustained dairy farm with 36 Banni breed of buffaloes in Ahmedabad. We are expanding and targeting 300+ buffaloes within 3 yr.

Ideal Organic Agriculture Farm Along With Fisheries And Dairy

Organic Agriculture Farm Along With Fisheries And Dairy Totally Self reliant with near about zero wastage and self dependent.

Dairy Farming Setup in India is Looking for Startup Funding

We are looking to set up a dairy farm in Bihar or Jharkhand. We have land available in both locations. We are requiring an investor for our project.

Organic Green House Based Horticulture Production and Marketing

To produce exotic vegetables, herbs and exotic fruits inside protected environment preferably without using any chemical fertiliser and pesticides.

Seed Funding Sought by an Organic Automated Dairy Farm in India

The business requires a seed fund investor who can invest INR 55 lakh to start up the organic dairy farm which can be able to produce 3 lakh litres of milk in year 1.

Dairy Farming Start-Up in Gujarat Seeking Debt or Equity Investment

The startup will bring latest technology into the dairy farm business which will increase the milk production 3 times. Funding is needed to purchase the cattle.

One Stop Organic Plant Supplement for The Agriculture Industry

Funding required for setting up a small manufacturing plant for exports and then further expansion. A healthy return to the investor with payback within two years.

New Business Set-Up Necessary to Meet Existing Local Demand

The project setup is located in India. We will market the produce predominantly locally with some export to the nearby states of Jharkhand and West Bengal.

Scientific Aquaculture Plant Seeking Investor on Profit-Sharing Basis

This is a unique plant of Scientific Aquaculture where we are going to rear different aquatic species in controlled and exposed atmosphere.

Investment in Green House for Growing Flowers and Vegetables

I want to start a green house for growing flowers and vegetables. I need about $100,000 USD for setting up the greenhouse and start exports.

Agri Tourism Investment of 5 Lakhs up to 5 Crores in India

We are looking for investors for infrastructure of the resort and will use the agricultural land as guarantee. Funding of Rs. 5 Crores is needed.

Sulphur Fertilizer Plant with Established Technology Needs Funding

The funds would be utilized to set-up the project on land that is already available. Returns on the funds would be discussed.

Packaging and Exporting Tender Coconut Water 100% Buy Back Guarantee

Investment is needed towards setting up a dedicated manufacturing facility for 100% buy back. Investors are welcome to join us for this great opportunity.