Equity Investment Opportunity for Dairy Farm in Orissa, India

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $150,000 / min. $100,000
  • ROI: 30% in 3 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

I have a dairy farm project plan completely ready to for execution with all the calculations and estimates to yield the investment amount with capital gain.

Ever since humankind became agrarian, the cow has been a symbol of peace and abundance the world over. From time immemorial, she has been worshiped in India as the great giver. Even today, rural India counts on the five products she provides: milk, curd (for yogurt), ghee and butter, urine and dung.

This is an investment opportunity for diary farm in Orissa, India.

Milk - The Main Product of a Diary Farm
Although India's dairy sector has performed well in meeting the demand of milk in the country, the milk demand is now increasing at a much faster rate than production. National Dairy Development Board believes that India's milk production should increase to 5 million tonnes per annum.

The project on an average will produce 3000-3500 litres of milk per day. The direct sale of this milk to local markets would generate Rs. 90000 to 100000 a day, which totals to Rs. 27 lakh to 30 lakh per month.

Cow Dung, By-Product of Dairy Farm
Use of cow dung can be an interesting and beneficial side to dairy farming. Cow dung produces natural methane gas (Bio Gas) which can be used for cooking through an inexpensive unit those stores and captures the gas. We will install biogas generating & packing plant to produce methane gas & serve the rural households. 5-10kg gas cylinders will be filled and distributed to rural households at affordable cost. After the dung passes out of the gas unit, it will be turned into high quality organic fertilizer. Mixed with food waste and composted further, using worms to make "vermicomposting". This vermicomposting/cow manure/dried grass compost mixture will be absolutely needed to fertilize various crops. This will be packed in 25 kg bags and sold to the farmers locally. Therefore, sale of packaged methane gas (Gobargas) and Vermicompost shall fetch at least 10-20% income to the main income.

Cow Urine, By-Product of Dairy Farm
Cow urine is another beneficial by-product of the dairy farm. It is high in Nitrogen for fertilizer, and it is a natural insecticide, used with great success here in India. It is given in many Ancient manuscripts that cow’s urine or a go-mutra should be taken for preventing diseases and hence to remain healthy. Various ancient medicinal treatment practices, cow urine are used as a therapeutic agent. It was found that “Cow urine distillate fraction” enhanced the potency of taxol (pactitaxel) against MCF-7 a human breast cancer cell line in in-vitro assays(US patent No. 6410059). (Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, 2002). Many research institutions are concerned with carrying out the examinations related to medicinal and chemical properties of panchgavya. The sale of processed cow urine adds between 5-10% towards total income of the project.

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