Hi-Tech Sustainable Integrated Organic Farming Using Modern Methods

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $95,000 / min. $80,000
  • ROI: 50% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

This initiative is towards establishment of a hi-tech sustainable integrated organic farming using modern methodologies.

We own farm lands near Kanchipuram, 70 kms from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The land extent is 5 acres and there is scope for future expansion with adjacent lands. The proposal is to set up an organic farm based on Integrated farming plan. The plan includes the following :

1. Diary Farming with 10 Cattle in Phase I which will be expanded to 50 in subsequent phases.
2. Intensive Aquaculture using inland ponds for Fish, Prawn & Crab Farming which also helps in water level management.
3. Poultry farming which involves only native breed of chicken and turkey with proper disease management.
4. Goat Farming using high stall method & Vet tie-up for higher success rate and good profit ratio.
5. Rabbit Farming which is famous for little area requirement and high return of investment in short time.
6. Allied activities for add-on income involves exotic birds farming, dogs breeding & bee keeping for honey extraction.
7. Horticulture involving Fruit Trees and Native Herbs, including fodder for cattle.
8. Value added products from Milk fetches multi fold income such as Cheese and Paneer.
9. The output of one becomes the input of another which results in sustainability of all flora and fauna.
10. The Eco-balance and organic practice will be strictly adhered to with proper certifications.
11. Other activities includes duck rearing for pond cleaning, vegetables and spinach cultivation.
12. The entire farm will be insured, and is eco friendly using live-fencing, solar energy and bio-gas generation.
13. All modern technologies will be used for milk extraction, feed montoring & tracking, surveillance & security.
14. Proper trainings will be arranged for farm hands towards education of best practices and do's and do-not's.
15. Vermiculture Unit will be set up for generation of vermicompost which is marketable post own use.
16. Hydroponic fodder cultivation addresses the problem of huge land requirement, 1\20 land area is actually required.
17. Azolla Cultivation in tanks is a nutritious food for all cattle which is known for rapid multiplying.
18. The concept of this plan is to establish a farm successfully in less area compared to conventional methods.
19. The next stage would be expansion of farm and venturing into exports of value added products.
20. This will be a model farm for all agriculture aspirants and trainings will be arranged on fee basis.

The investment terms can be discussed and documented.

Competitive Advantage

This will be a farming system where high quality organic food, feed, fibre and renewable energy are produced by using resources such as soil, water, air and nature as well as regulating factors to farm sustainably and with as little polluting inputs as possible.

Particular emphasis is placed on a holistic management approach looking at the whole farm as cross-linked unit, on the fundamental role and function of agro-ecosystems, on nutrient cycles which are balanced and adapted to the demand of the crops, and on health and welfare of all livestock on the farm. Preserving and enhancing soil fertility, maintaining and improving a diverse environment and the adherence to ethical and social criteria are indispensable basic elements. Crop protection takes into account all biological, technical and chemical methods which then are balanced carefully and with the objective to protect the environment, to maintain profitability of the business and fulfil social requirements.

Rationale for the deal

This farm aims at

1. Production of organic foods products to growing market needs.
2. High rate of return of investment.
3. Less risk involvement.
4. A way to thank Mother Nature for her gifts.

Use of financing

The entire fund will be spent as a seed fund towards setting up of basic farm infrastructure and phase I operation.

Opportunity for the investor

The investor will be really happy with peace of mind of having invested in a good venture and would definitely like to invest more in future expansion.

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