Integrated Multy Farming to be Implemented in India, Assam State

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $1,000,000 / min. $500,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

Setting up of integrated agriculture farming in India-Assam State. Involves agriculture, fishing, goat farming, piggery, layer farming and cow breeding.

Setting up of integrated agriculture farming includes:
(1) Acquisition of suitable lands
(2) Earmarking around 100 acres of land for tree farming and in turn to be used for paper making industry. This will have back to back buying arrangement with state government owned company from plantation to maintenance to buy back of materials.
(3) Setting of agro-farming involving most modern plantation techniques form vertical farming to high density farming and involving fully fitted greenhouse. This will completely eliminate the integral risk in agro-farming.
(4) Setting up cold storage chains across the supply chain management.
(5) Target markets for our products will be 90% domestic and 10% will be export sales.
(6) Revenue generation will start right from 6th month of implementation, and long term confirmed revenue will start from tree plantations.
(7) Business goal is to achieve self-sustainable revenue as well contributing to nation in terms of developing organic products as well managing the whole supply chain management thereby restricting the wastage of food products as well planning the most suitable and confirmed revenue model for many farmers across the state.
(8) Project time line for first phase of implementation will take 4 months and there on each segment will intertwined on outcome.
(9) I can invest up to formation of company. Required funding from the initial stage for acquisition of land to implementation of each phase.
(10) Complete risk elimination model for investors as the investment in land and infrastructure will be around 75% and balance 25% in other segments. In the past history in Indian land bank prices there is a CAG is 15% PA. Hence 0% risk for investors.

Competitive Advantage

1) North east India is a huge potential market for its domestic consumption.
2) As we produce basic food with quality and no doubt we have real competitive advantage.
3) Our product will come with organic certification which will boost the next generations health consciousness issue.

Rationale for the deal

1) As am native of India and belong to the state were I am planning to invest is the biggest advantage.
2) As am a quick learner and very careful and calculative adopter and implementer of modern techniques
3) I am planning to have daily revenue model for all the 365 days from 3rd year of implementation of the project.
4) As in India, agriculture income is completely tax free, we can reap the benefits

Use of financing

1) Buying land
2) Buying farm equipment's, seeds and developing the farms.
3) Buying live stocks, goat and cow
4) Setting up of cold storage units.
5) Buying vehicles for distribution and farming.
6)Operation and running Cost .

Opportunity for the investor

1) Investor will be given equal equity participation as shares in to be formed private limited company.
2) Investor has a first choice to redeem the shares from the 5th year by selling the shares to me.
3) Completely transparent management and accounting system
4) I can assure 15% CAGR ROI

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