Milk Dairy Unit (Processing) Requires Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $125,000 / min. $100,000

Investment Opportunity

To Procure the Milk from villages and chilling the same by getting to the unit. Funding is required for further business and go deeply into the market.

The company has been incorporated with an intention to start milk chilling units, initially at XYZ place ,of Andhra pradesh, subsequently in other places in Andhra Pradesh and in Karnataka.

We have acquired the land of Ac 3.00 on state highway . Ample space is available for buildings, future expansion, parking of transport vehicles and for empty cans. Land is available for a milk processing plant handling about 20000 – 40000 liters of milk per day. However the built up area to total area should be around 1:3 ratio; The company has constructed an extent of 4425 sft for chilling palnt. This can also be used for future expansion.we have already constructed office space of 600 sft

The location of a plant is in the rich belt of milk production area. How ever it has Locational advantage . In this area the availability of milk is abundant and the promoters have good stake in the nearing about 25-35 Mandals/ Taluqs. The promoters are confident of procuring milk from every village of Xyz Parliamentary Constituency.This location is close to Bangalore and Chennai.

Raw Material:
The principal raw material is milk. This plant covers more than 25-35 Mandals/Taluqs (or) almost 400-450 villages. The promoters hails from this area and known to almost all farmers in that area. We are confident of procuring the milk required for this unit. we are confident of procuring almost 20 KL to 40 KL per day. This area is populated with good number of cows and buffalos. Procurement of milk will be done through our agents and same will be transported to the plant by hired vehicles. The availability of other inputs such as packing materials, disinfectants and consumable should be a part of our procurement process. We are about to commision this unit within 2 months.we have already completed all the civil works and expecting the machinery to arrival.

Any investors can contact us on Merar. or

Use of financing

Investment needed for further business and go deeply into the market.

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