Setup Scientific Goat Farm Which Is Commercially Viable & Profitable

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $170,000 / min. $170,000
  • ROI: 200% in 6 years
  • Type of investment: Debt
Investor is needed for setting-up scientific goat farm in the Avadh region of India. Investor is needed for setting-up scientific goat farm in the Avadh region of India.

Investment Opportunity

Setup a self sustaining ecosystem Goat Farm with a vision of meeting the local trading needs and festival demands, eliminating middlemen and seasonal fluctuations.

Business Model and Product Overview

With High Mutton Demands and Unorganized Market, a very high potential for Institutionalized Goat Farm:

*Set up a Farm for Green Fodder and Goat Rearing.

*Channelize local supply of goats from Petty traders and Trade to local buyers in an organized manner to meet local demands and festival demands.

*Eliminate supply and cost fluctuations by high procurement in high availability seasons and increasing the inventory to meet demands in low supply periods.

*Increase the Farm Goat inventory size to the levels to be self sufficient to meet trading and festival demands.

*Get the benefits of mass production.

*Ease pressure of pricing by bringing in efficiency in goat rearing.

*Replicate the best practices of Poultry farming to Goat farming.

Market Opportunity

*Avadh Region being one of the quickest developing tier II regions in North India there has been a surge of migration in the area and overall growth.

*With growing income and increase in dispensable income the living standards have increased many folds.

*To top it all with the ban of Beef coming in effect and the demands soaring never as before there we do predict a further spike in Mutton Demands
Mutton has no cultural restrictions and has been treated as a healthy protein option.

*A lot of festivals can be linked to high mutton demand as people opt mutton dishes and goat sacrifice to celebrate the festivities.

Competitive Advantage

*Still goat rearing is majorly done by individuals with very small herd size which increases the retail cost

*High number of middlemen from farmer to end users which is Butchers / Festival buyers

*Farmer - Petty Traders - Whole Sellers - Petty Trader / Supplier - Butcher / Festival Buyers - Consumer

*High variance / seasonality in prices of live goats to butchers

*No assurance of consistent round the year supply to butchers

*No assured Doorstep delivery model in the market for Butchers

*High variance in Demand and Supply during Festival Periods

*High Mortality rate resulting in lesser supply

*Nil Veterinary support to farmers

Rationale for the deal

Please refer the detailed presentation attached.

Use of financing

Please refer the detailed presentation attached.

Opportunity for the investor

Requirement of $170000 (Presentations has numbers in INR "Local Currency")

We expect a payback period of 6 years the payback interest percentage can be discussed in person / over a discussion.

We are looking for a silent investor how ever we would like to present the progress and the financials to the investor periodically as we believe that being answerable keeps a person at his toes.

We are looking forward to present a detailed plan for the startup.

Requesting an opportunity for a meeting (In person / virtual) where I can present my Goat Farm plan and walk through the complete business case.

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