Amalesh Agro Foods - 100% Natural and Affordable Dairy Products

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $50,000,000 / min. $40,000,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

“Amalesh Agro Foods” aims to provide 100% natural and affordable dairy products to the people of India. Our vision is to become pioneer in agro-products.

Our mantra is “Live Healthy”. Our mission is to ensure customers - a better & healthy life; shareholders- a superior value; employees - respect, growth & opportunity.

“Amalesh Agro Foods” will be one of the leading 100% natural & affordable milk production unit.

Let us give you a brief on how Amalesh Agro Foods will work and what all revenue models have been considered while preparing this project report:

Its model speaks in 3 ways:

A. Milk Production
B. Other Milk Products Production & Retail Sales
C. Clean Energy

Our milk production is of 100% Natural & Affordable milk:

Amalesh Agro Foods promises to provide 100% natural & affordable milk to the market.

We will procure high quality Cow breeds such as HF, Jersey, etc.

Full time veterinary attention will be there to ensure healthy & clean environment.

To ensure zero chemical use, Amalesh Agro intends to use in-house grown cattle feed for all the Herds.

International Quality Standards:

High Quality standards to be ensured, fully automatic plant with almost zero human interference.

Milk Plant will be designed in such a manner where-in right from feeding to dung to milking, everything will be done with almost zero human interference.

It will not only ensure high quality standards but also less dependency on human resources.

Post automatic milking process, the milk be passed on to cooling unit automatically to ensure long shelf life.

The cow dung will directly be routed to Bio-Gas plant to ensure the Cow Sheds are clean and properly maintained.

Competitive Advantage

Current Competition -
Currently Dairy industry in India is already going through shortage of milk and milk products and therefore resulting in no competition at all for dairy products producers.

There are some artificial milk producers in the market with which government and security agencies are dealing to stop these illegal activities, which can pose some problem to business.

Could be Competitor
In near future we cannot see any kind of competition because of huge gap between demand and supply but may be in near future due to ample government and public private partnership efforts supply may increases beyond the demand.

How to handle Competition
In case of supply increases beyond the demand, which is nearly impossible even then we can explore export market in that case mainly Middle East countries where they are mostly depend on imports for dairy products.

Rationale for the deal

Amalesh Agro’s Vision is to provide milk, milk products and generation of Clean and green energy using Bio-Gas Technology for Maharashtra. This will help in the national mission of Dairy and Agricultural Products as well as in creation of Clean and Green energy in course of time for power starved state.

The points, which best describe how Amalesh Agro will solve the above listed problems of this country and state.

A Basic Introduction of Amalesh Agro:

• Provide fresh and healthy milk and milk products.
• Provide green and clean energy.
• Innovative milk products.
• Delivering cost effective energy solutions.

Amalesh Agro is poised to be:

• Preferred brand of Milk Products.
• To contribute in rural electrification.
• To contribute in healthier and cleaner environment.

Use of financing

Additional details can be shared when requested by genuine investors.

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