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Investment Opportunities in India

Vocational Institute in India Seeks Funding for Start-up

A private limited education group in India seeks funding for vocational activities business, promising ROI of 60% over 10 years.

Funding Needed for a Program Fighting Obesity among Children

Investment is sought by an Indian company involved in nutrition awareness workshops to launching their own play schools for kids across India and abroad.

Scalable & Safe Venture Leveraging The Stable Field Of Education

We now venture to establish a Visual Effects & Animation Academy in India that imparts quality education on current industry technologies.

Looking for Investment to Increase Medical Awareness Worldwide

Funding purpose: training program development, incubation period, product launch and marketing. Equity stakes offered to Investors.

Loan Sought for E-Learning Business for Students in India

Our company is starting up with the idea of launching online tutoring products for students in India. Debt investment needed. Returning the amount in three years.

Online Marketplace for Courses is Looking for Seed Funding

We are looking for a seed fund of around $100,000 for product development with the aim to get 50 courses and first 1000 paid customers for next 6-7 months.