Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Seeks for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company has unique and the only patented product in the world which will help to know 5 things: 1) The child's inborn potential and talent; 2) Kid’s learning pattern (whether they are audio, visual, or kinaesthetic Learner); 3) Their inborn characteristics; 4) Left or right brain dominance; 5) Right career choice. Each and every parent needs it undoubtedly.

Through our unique patented product we could determine the child's inborn potential and guide the child to his or her suitable career instead of pressurizing the child with relentless stress. Each and every parent in this world would like to know the child's inborn potential so that they could give the right career choice depending on the child's interest and strength. Once we know the strength and weakness of the child, there is no looking back because he will choose his career on the basis of his strength and his weakness would be taken care of by suggested remedial methods.

Take any product you have onto your office room or your living room, you will have tons of competition on each product you touch. We give you the unique opportunity to have the first mover's advantage with a product which is scientifically tested and has a very huge almost fresh market with zilch competition

This product would sell to anyone from toddlers aged 1 to youngsters aged 25.

We have the patented product and have more than 12 franchisees in India alone with 2 more in Malaysia. Our company is on the stage three where it has to take advantage of the exponentially huge market virtually untapped with soaring profit margins.

The funding is needed to make more franchisees, at least close to 350 franchisees in the coming year which would in turn make thousands of Business consultants targeting almost more than 1.5 lakhs reputed schools having more than 50 million students waiting to be tapped and help them realize their inborn potential.

Investors can feel free to contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

As mentioned, there is absolutely zero competition. The very few which might exist have no certifications to speak of. We are the only company with the following advantages:

1.) First Company to be ISO Registered for the field of Dermatoglyphics
2.) First and only company to be registered with the Government of Indian Ministry for DMIT Test
3.) The only Company to have the scientifically proven U.S Patented Product.

No competitors can even dream of having such unique combination.

Rationale for the deal

Opportunity arrives in the form of First Mover's advantage.

In a one-of-a-kind effort, Brain Wonders invite franchises and business partners to further the cause of this unique and scientifically acclaimed module of training and skill development. Using cutting-edge scientific innovation and developmental techniques, Brain Wonders brings forth an extremely intuitive program that helps young learners develop their potentials, while enabling adults to correctly utilize and maximize their strategic skill-sets. To be a part of India’s first foray into world-leading Multiple Intelligence Tests that promises to revolutionize conventional education.

Money can be made in four ways

1.) Making State Franchisees
2.) Making Area Business Partners
3.) Creating Business Consultants
4. Retail and institutional sales to the thousands of pre-schools, schools and colleges

Use of financing

Investment will be needed as mentioned above to scale the business further and capture the huge untapped market. The expected ROI would be huge compared to any other business opportunity available under the current scenario.

Opportunity for the investor

As an investor you can look at more than 2 options

1. Strategic investment in phases with early profit and exit mode
2. Keep getting the more than 30 % investment on ROI right from Day one.
3. Enter into a time bound module of investment and have an exit strategy of close to 3-5 years having more than quadrupled the investment in a very short time.

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