Freshers Jobs, Consultancy, Educational Information Startup Portal

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are starting a project aim to provide consultancy , job, information related to freshers. we provide services like seminar for freshers to decide course, jobs after completing education.

We are starting a web project where we can provide a facilitation center for freshers.

Freshers Requirement Case

Consultant - We work as a consultant after exam. we will send Letter, Email, SMS etc. to student . That we starting consultant workshop in particular area. We will take some fee regarding this and provide consultancy to student.

Freshers Further study Case - We will provide course, institution, collages , university, result information

Training Case -If freshers want Training in particular area then he/she can interested area or company. Then we will send their profile into related company's HR department.

Job Case - In our web project freshers can search fresher jobs.

We will share 50% of project income.

Competitive Advantage

Now i think no portal available to provide complete information for freshers, we will provide all information related to freshers.

Use of financing

We need at least $20000 to start a project.

I am software engineer having 5 years exp. in development so, i will mange project in terms design , development and marketing.

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