India's Biggest Education Project Searches for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We offer to the attention of the investors the biggest education project under which training starts from pre-school to B- school. The education project supports the following sectors: IT Training, University Education, Banking, Finance & Retail, Spoken English & Placement Support, Schools & College chains, National Level Competitive Exams preparation, International Training, and Management & HR.

The investment project aims to create the following:

• India’s # 1 Education Company with all courses.
• India’s first Education Company with provision of live training facility.
• India’s first Education Company to have its sectors developed in all ends.

The First of its king Education Chain centres which does not only provide Education But Develops the Carrier of the Candidates

• IT Training
• University Education
• Banking , Finance & Retail
• Spoken English & Placement Support
• Schools & College chains
• National Level Competitive Exams preparation
• International Training
• Management & HR Training Courses

Interested investors can feel free to establish contact with us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Each and every educational institution will be our competitors. But will never lead up to the company stage as our company will be more advanced and well developed in the education sector as well as all the other business that supports our business.

Rationale for the deal

Starting a new business depends on marketing how intensive the marketing is done the best output a company can get but this project will help to get the best and the most out put due to it unique features and management.

Second most important thing is that Education is a Service industry project where a Investor has to wait for the outcome of the business at least for a year but with this project which is mapped in a manner which provides Service + Materialist Business at the same time to get the best outcome of the business and fast growth is possible with this business.

Use of financing

The Investment is needed for an initial investment and development of the project and developing its head office and handling its resources.

At the second stage the company requires the Investment for Advertisement, Developing its franchisees and Affiliations with multinational companies and also budgeting other supportive resources.

Opportunity for the investor

The best opportunity of the Investor It will be the biggest project and a vast company which can work in the national as well as International Market. With its unique method of Providing training which is live and practical it will attracts cooperates and local market.

This can work as a corporation, which can have many more project, developed under the name across the world. And at this stage all the education companies are striving in the market to survive with the fact that they train engineers without any knowledge and practice thus it is not worth. With our Education Company we provide training with three factors Theory, Practical's and Live Experience. Thus they become engineers who have knowledge and experience.

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