Investment Project for School to Deemed University

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The idea is to take over a profitably running school and further develop it by applying e-learning and innovative management principles, educational systems, policies and approaches.

The project targets at Zero Dropouts, Zero Uneducated, Zero Unemployment and Zero Poverty.

It will ensure survival on all required curriculums, amenities and support to students by Job or Business or Research Scholars within the campus.

Cost of Project: Minimum initial funding needed for the first phase is Rs.50Cr (US$10.7M).

Total Project Value will be Rs.500Cr (US$107M).

Payback can be completed within 10 years. As considerable ROI required by the Investor.

The investor can be a Financial Partner only.

Industry Analysis:

- There are 11,411 Affiliated CBSE Schools in India.
- However, the private management schools are affiliated to the Matriculation Board of Tamil Nadu.
- There are more than 10,000 Private Schools in Tamilnadu with very poor infrastructure and education.
- Tamilnadu State government introduced a new common syllabus for private and government schools (equal syllabus) and a policy tointroduce a skill-oriented grading system with written answers' marking system like CBSE .
- The Syllabus and policy to promote students in grading system are equal to CBSE.
- The state government announced and started restricting the fees slabs for private schools.
- As per the new syllabus and promoting policy the grading system can be successful, if the school has well qualified, dedicated teachers, experienced in skill development and using modern computer aided smart class technology.


- The High-End e-learning Education System apart from the new Common Syllabus System.

Currently the project is on Planning / Seed Stage.

Competitive Advantage


- The major competition will be with featuring sources for the students.
- The main objective of Survival on all required curriculums will meet out the competitions.
- We can reward more future sources to the students than other existing competitors because of our intellectual concepts.


- The city-level existing and established schools with infrastructure and facilities. However, they are concentrating on either competitions or education. Furthermore, the future of higher studies enrollments is very poor.


- The existing schools with high sophistication activities and with poor education.


- The all-in-one concept school with high-end infrastructure, facilities, advanced technical support, high-end education system, ECA, CCA, Arts and Cultural activities, altogether will attain high level revenue.

The Innovative Education System and Management Principles cannot be repeated by others.

Rationale for the deal

Purpose of Investment: Infrastructure and Stability conflicts.
It can be returned by Annual Fees.


- The Education industry is the most powerful and long lasting reputation field.
- This is the only industry with one time investment and endless high profit returning field.
- Lots of school owners have developed many more branches by reinvesting their returns.
- The state level rank achievers developed their schools up to Deemed Universties.
- Some others got the Ranks long back and can’t now because they are struggling inside a circle.
- They are intended into their school earnings to personal development only.
- G Schools will be a not-for-profit in to personal investment.

Use of financing

Purpose of Investment: Infrastructure and Stability issues.
I am in the stage of looking for seed capital investment.

Cost of Project: Minimum initial need for first phase is Rs.50Cr (US$10.7M).
Total Project Value will be Rs.500Cr (US$107M)

Please contact us on Merar if you are an interested investor. Executive summary is available for download.

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