Islamic Montessori School Start-Up Seeks for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We desire to start a Montessori school for the ages between 3-6 years with an Islamic morel environment. The idea is to give the students high quality education in an Islamic atmosphere.

The investment is for starting 2 branches of our Montessori school. The Muslim population are today looking for quality education within an Islamic atmosphere, where their children can be morally developed on the beautiful Islamic principles of love and peace.

An investment in this project will give the investor anywhere between 5-7% ROI.As of today there are only a few preschools which can offer these facilities and the potential for growth is phenomenal.

Interested in this proposal investors can contact us on the Merar network.

Competitive Advantage

Unlike any other regular Montessori we will be offering the best in line with any of the modern Montessori schools with Montessori trained and certified teachers and the latest in equipment.

Rationale for the deal

As of today the numbers of schools that can offer the Muslim specific education are few in number and are doing very well. There is a tremendous demand for more of such concept Montessori schools in our area with a Muslim population of 30% and more.

Use of financing

The investment will be utilized for the establishing of 2 Montessori schools in different areas of our city.

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