Multinational Business Project Seeks for Investment to Grow Globally

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are constantly working on making our business powerful and we are daily adding new projects in our plans to make the project vast and grow our empire.

We plan to develop an Education Institution which provides education combined with internship as a part of each and every course to produce Engineers and Executives with knowledge for tomorrow's Society.

We are looking forward for investors to invest in a multinational education project that will start providing Education in the next 1 - 2 years. The project is unique and we have already laid its basic foundation. Now we are planning to move on to the second level and we need funding to complete the project.

With-in the next 2 years we are planning to launch Education centers which will provide Education for all age groups which is pro pre-Schools to B-School. The Education project is wide and really big, Which will have School Projects, Colleges and private Education centers which can provide Education in a cost effective manner and advance manner.

Why us?

The basic idea is provided in the PPT to be found attached. The project will lead to the establishment of a new powerful MNC company which will be have its well managed segments in all the sectors and will bring good profits.

Competitive Advantage

Directly or indirectly we are having our competitors in the market. We have to struggle hard to move ahead of this competition. With our high funding we can get manpower from the market to step up and work on our innovative idea.

Rationale for the deal

I started my BPO business alone and managed to build a small workplace and develop a profile on the outsourcing site. When I started this I just had 640 Rs in my bank accounts which I paid to get Internet at my own home. Slowly I managed to build Web Hosting and Web Development website and added these services to my infrastructure. My company has been affiliated with Novell and Microsoft.

With my aim and innovative ideas we can manage the funding to make best use of it. There are many companies that are only making money from the one of our selected business and we have several such businesses which will be working under our Corporation.

Use of financing

We require funding for the following purposes:
- Basic Infrastructure Development
- Advertising our Services
- Maintaining the business for the initial period of 3-5 years so that our company can develop its position on the market and we can become the world biggest infrastructure in the Industry.

The company will start making profits within a year but we want it to be stable as we are going to introduce new projects at a regular interval of time. Therefore, we require a stable bank account of the company to manage its expenses, develop infrastructure, and promote our business.

Opportunity for the investor

I offer the investor a position on the board of directors in my organization. The investor will be an equivalent profit partner in the organization and will work at the same level as my position in the company and will have the knowledge of complete company's environment.

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