Online Exam Preparation Start up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Project idea is to launch an online e-learning portal for preparation of competitive exams.
We are aiming to produce online/offline mock test series for 27 different competitive exams supported with online material to prepare for these exams.
The Funding is required for creation of product and setting up franchises.

1) We are aiming to produce an online/offline exam preparation portal. We would provide students with continuous test series and exam preparation material on the portal.

2) The cash payback period would be approx. 5 -6 years

3) The following factors make this a good business idea:
a) Internet & Computer penetration in India
b) Increase in computer savvy students
c) Increasing trend of making competitive exams online
d) Competitive & objective exam are part of every learning stream in India
e) Increased student acceptance level for computer based learning

4) Opportunity for investor would be excellent ROI in fastest growing segment in India

5) This would sell in today’s market because:
a) All above factors mentioned in point 3
b) Flexible mode of product delivery online/offline
c) Huge aspiring student population in India preparing to gain edge over competition
d) Good spending power of parents for educational purpose

6) Current Stage of project:
a) We have created online testing platform tool
b) We are in process of creation of test material for 25 different exams

7) Additional funds are required for:
a) Creation of proper portal
b) Conversion of test material to online testing platform
c) Content creation for exam preparation on portal
d) Brand Promotion
e) Setting up franchises

Competitive Advantage

I believe we would have advantage over the current direct/indirect players because:
a) None of the players are catering to student segment in totality
b) All of them only provide online test series but no serious thought is given on exam preparation material
c) Nobody in the market currently offers online & offline delivery modes in parallel
d) No existing player is involved in franchise-based and counselling-based model
e) Most importantly, no service provider in current scenario plans for full year preparation program.

Our advantages and abilities will help us counter all of our competitors.

This advantage is surely sustainable as competition in this segment is at very initial stages and it would take one full academic year for someone to create new program to replace the existing one. Secondly, our franchise-based counselling system would be a unique concept which surely will take time to replicate.

We would enjoy the first mover’s advantage with this unique delivery mechanism of program. Catching up could happen but we will always be one big step ahead. Furthermore, the student segment in India is huge .

Rationale for the deal

Our opportunity is to tab vastly unexplored student segment which is absolutely ready to use these products.

We are going to make money in the following manner:
a) By selling subscriptions to students, Coaching Classes, Schools & Colleges
b) From advertising on the portal
c) Sales of offline products
d) Sales will be generated through proper counselling by franchise wherever possible
e) The rest of the sales will be generated directly through the portal

I do have an indication that other market players are making money from business of similar kind. But again nobody really has tapped the big student segment because everyone depends on online sales and nobody really is working on personal counselling.

Use of financing

Investment is needed for the following:
a) Creation of a proper portal with quality content
b) Hosting of portal and an online exam platform
c) Insertion of exam material in an online exam tool
d) Branding/ Advertising
e) Setting up franchises

The Reason to finance is simple: I have a good idea which is practically workable. I have seen it work and I don’t have finance available to accomplish the project on my own.

I would require investment in max two/three instalments.

Opportunity for the investor

I am looking primarily for debt investment but equity investment could be considered.
The overall loan amount will be somewhere around $150,000.The interest rate can be discussed.
In case it is equity investment we need to discuss holding pattern.
I would prefer a silent investor.
The payback period will be approx. 5-6 years
Expected ROI could be anywhere between 25-30% PA.
IRR could be approx. 20-25%.
The investment instalment schedule could be: three instalments at an interval of 6 months.

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