Online Professional Certification Center

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Education, Training
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $50,000 / min. $10,000

Investment Opportunity

We provide an online professional certification center. Our research shows that options for fast paced professional certifications are very limited. Our site fills the void between huge demand for quick professional certifications and availability of the same.

There are a number of colleges or universities offering long term online courses but they are very expensive and need one to spare a lot of time to complete the courses. A large number of people are unable to do that because they cannot afford the time and money it takes.

We offer quick certification exams of max 30 minutes each (right now on 20 different subjects). We also provide fast paced study material which is practical and relevant. Once the student clears the exam, s/he can apply for the certificate by making online payment and get the certificate immediately.

Competitive Advantage

We see as main competitor in market. But they are very expensive, every test is about USD 50. On the other hand all our tests are free of cost. Only when student passes the test and wants to order certificate s/he has to pay USD $10. We are unique and extremely affordable.

Rationale for the deal

Google keyword tool shows there are 368,000 searches on words "online certification" per month globally. This count is staggering 11,100,000 for "it certification". E-learning and online education is the future without doubt. Quick professional certifications is a rare program available on internet for affordable professional qualification.

For monetization these will be the opportunities:

a) Certification charges
b) Course Charges
c) Online advertising

Use of financing

We have already launched the site with certification exams available on 20 different subjects. We have more than 3000 registered students in very short time. Now we need funds to take the business to next level. We are looking for US $50000 investment. Funds will be spent for developing more content, advertising, contacting educational institutes and corporate to sell the program and get advertising from them.

Opportunity for the investor

For $50000, we are offering 25% equity in our business.

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