Public School Start-up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are planing to start a public school in India.

1. Scope of School Project

Education sector is one of the growing sector in world wide as quality education is the backbone of Education Industry. As a growing India, education is being focused as a prime moto by the all literate class. Therefore, Private Equity Investors have already sense this opportunity and rising demand trend has already started funding education projects. India’s private banking giant HDFC has confirmed that Private Equity investment is seeing a tremendous surge since year 2005. Private Equity investment is nearly touching the $190 million market in year 2010. Whereas in the year 2005 the level of private equity investment was not more than $20 million.

India has one of the youngest populations in the world. In India the quality of primary and secondary school education is not as per world’s standards. The number of people who are waiting for quality education and availability of top class education has a great imbalance. This is allowing India to become the best target to feed private equity investment in educational sector.

Educational sector is one of those sectors which are not heavily effected in times of financial crisis like year 2008. The cash flow in education is always assured and schools are not dependent on financing their working capital. This makes the education sector as one the most promising sector of 2011 and beyond as well as the assured Private investment sector.

2. Place in a district town

Constituting a school in big cities/ Metros require lots of investment as compare to small city. In Small city we can start a school with world class facility in $25 to 30 million whereas in big city requires at least $70 to 80 million. If we compare about the competition there are lots of reputed school in big city. For Example in Delhi we have at least 50+ world class school where as in small cities there are hardly any good one. Due to the lack of quality education students from small city are forced to move for big cities. Hence, we provide world class education with world class facilities it is easier for us to establish as a leading brand in short span of time.

3. Our Vision

- The intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students is fostered to enhance their quality of life.
- To provide International Standard Quality Co-education facility.
- Residential & day boarding schooling facilities
- Initially for 10 +2 standard class schooling & gradually leads to higher technical/ medical education etc.
- All establishment shall be Govt. approved/ affiliated by the concerned authorities.
- An establishment/ JV with foreign Education Policy with the suitable institution.

4. Our Strength

- Our Financial strength
- A group of educationist support- world wide
- 3rd generation Quality Education
- Electronic Media Education Policy
- Prudent Infrastructure & huge campus
- Maximum well versed feminine teaching Faculty.
- Education –Spiritual to Scientific Education Policy

5. Infrastructure: An international class infrastructure facilitation

- Buildings – School, Boys/Girls hostels, Sports complex, Open Air Theater.
- Library, Computer Labs, All Labs etc

6. Cost Estimation of the Project

Tentative cost for developing world class Infrastructure including all these facilities with land will cost around $25 to 30 million. For detail we will send you in budget of expenses annexure.

7. Approval

For running a school in India we will need to take Prior & Post approval from 3-4 concerning Authorities such as State/Central Education Board etc. as well as Infrastructure, too needs local/ land/ admin/ security approvals.

8. ROI:

Ist Year – Initial Infrastructure & 1st batch admission
2nd year- Establishment & brand mobilization
3rd Year- RoI of 10 % for in methodological form.

9. Assurance of Investment

A secure assets/ Infrastructure shall be taken in the name of Society/ Trust which can be encashed as & when at a enhanced ratio.

10. Kick Start period

In India Academic session starts from April to March. To catch “April 2012” session, we have 8 months remaining to take initial approvals from Govt. Authorities/ Local Governing bodies, land acquisition, developing Infrastructure & marketing etc.

Interested investors, feel free to contact us on Merar.

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