Web Portal for the Training Industry Based on Lead Management

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our portal concept is a mixture of search engine and information database . It fills the gaps between training providers and needy learners spread throughout a large geographical area. It provides detailed information on training courses of all sectors including hobby classes, individual training providers, trainings, etc.

Finding the specialists who could deliver the training to the needy students and professionals is not at all simple and reaching to such needy learners distributed throughout a large geographical is still difficult but, overcoming this barrier, we are the first company to exclusively work on the requirements of the global training industry and we are developing a web portal, namely www.ippons.com.

Our website concept is a mixture of search engine and information database and it is an education and training resource that gives its visitors a wide variety of training related information. It was set up with a dream to help everyone find quality learning options around their locality with great ease.
Ippons.com provides detailed information of training courses, training institutes, coaching classes, freelance trainers, hobby classes across the globe.

Competitive Advantage

- Unique idea, no one else is even close to us
- Inbuilt buying group and Lead Management system
- No real competitors in our precise field

Rationale for the deal

Total Investment : 3,50,00,000
Exit Valuation (Yr 5) : 18,03,00,000
Proposed Investor share : 49%
Return to Investor (irr) : 39%

Use of financing

Marketing and Execution of the webportal, which includes setup and hiring key resources.

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