Extraordinary Wellness Products-Hair Shampoo, Hair Oil and Skin Gel

Under my company I am manufacturing three wellness products. Purpose of investment is to expand in my state fully and expand all over India.

D/E Investment Needed for Healthcare Services Online with 25% ROI

Business scope is to provide healthcare services and products online/offline. Purpose of funding is for expansion, business operations and marketing. 30% equity/11%ROI.

Looking For an Investor in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

We are looking for investor with good motivational attitude towards our project. We guarantee a good return on investment for our investor.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Company looking for Equity Investment

We are looking for an equity investor who can invest around INR 60 lacs to INR 1 crore for which we can give the investor up to 40% equity stakes in the company.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Looking for Investment to Expand

Funding will be used to sustain and expand exports and to build manufacturing facility to have better control of supply chain & logistics and increase profit.

Producer of Home Care Toiletry Products Is Looking for Debt Funding

We would like to find an investor for our company who can directly invest in us in the form of debt so that we can fulfill our current business necessities.

Bio-Pharma Formulation Plant Looking for Debt or Equity Investment

The investor can realize his invested money within a period of 4 years, along with 17% interest and profit. This is a lifelong business. Every three years, there is an opportuni...