New Business Model for Development of a Retail Pharmacy Chain

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Pharmacy retail chain business is booming in India. Pharmacies like Apollo already have 1500 countrywide. I want to start such a business by using a different model.

This will be a Pharmacy retail chain across India at strategic locations with regular inflow of patients. We will be selling pharmaceutical products on doctors’ prescription. The total market volume is more than $ 15.5 Billion and growing at more than 10% annually. In this model the company will only have to set up a Pharmacy, train staff and generate revenue. This project can be continuously in progress until you reach each and every town of country. Returns will start with in first year and will grow exponentially. Funds are required to set up pharmacies. ROI is more than 35% in first three years and can go up to 50 % in 5 to 6 years.

Competitive Advantage

The Pharma retail sector is not organized and now big companies are stepping in retail business. For example Apollo already have 1550 + stores and planning to set up 250 stores per year, other examples include Viva, Guardian naming a few. These stores are directly operated by the company and most of the time stocks are not maintained properly which is repeatedly reported as a complaint by customers. In my model company will be in touch with outlet bur in different model where all these things will be taken care of very well and profit has to come by. There are other well running businesses on this model but same have not been tried in the Pharma retail chain.

Rationale for the deal

There is huge scope for continuous and uninterrupted growth. Percentage of profitability will be divided equally among the pharmacies.

Use of financing

Finances will be used to set up pharmacies, hire staff, rent an office and meet running business expenses.

This is one time investment for three years and once 50 + outlets are set up rest of the things will be taken care from business itself.

Opportunity for the investor

I am looking for both silent investors or hands-on investors, who can invest and work on with me on the project.

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