Diagnostic cum Day Care center Start-up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The plan is to set up a day care cum diagnostic center in the city of Gaya along with a medical store which will provide medicines currently unavailable in the state. We also plan to develop small centers all over the rural districts which will be used as blood collection centers that will have telemedicine capability.

The diagnostic center will have advanced machines such as CT scan, MRI, Digital X-ray, a pathology lab along with urine and stool testing capability. The day care center will have two operation theaters to enable the undertaking of minor operations like cataract etc. A fully fledge medical shop will also be opened.

The day care center will be connected to many small centers all across rural districts in Bihar. These smaller centers will be collection centers for blood which will then be sent to Gaya for testing. The district centers will have internet and phone connectivity so that once the reports are printed in Gaya the doctor can see them at Gaya and direct the medical staff at the center. Patients coming to the center will also be able to use the telemedicine facility to interact in real time through video conferencing with their doctor situated in Gaya.

The company also plans to expand and set up diagnostic and day care centers at Dhanbad and later on a fully fledge Hospital in Patna (but these are later expansion plans).

The ROI expected from the project is 30% pa.

The investor can invest in the project and the company is ready to offer an exit plan which would be mutually agreed upon.

Competitive Advantage

Currently there are no other players in our market.

Rationale for the deal

Bihar is one of the largest states in India and has very poor medical facilities. Gaya is the second largest city in the state. It has a state medical college but lacks proper infrastructure. The medical college ensures no dearth of qualified doctors and medical professionals in the city. The government has decided to make major investment in Gaya and because of its proximity to Patna has chosen to shift the international airport to Gaya. This ensures that Gaya will be used by the government to shift a lot of the load currently on Patna to Gaya. Hence Gaya will be developed into a major city. With lacking infrastructure and very poor medical facility currently on offer in the state this project is very viable and a good business idea.

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