Online Appointment Website in 2 Indian States Looking for Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

An on-line doctor appointment, planning to operate in Ap&Telengana. There is one similar, but it is charging money from doctors and therefore it didn't get the market.

Our project:

We are building website and 2 applications- 1 for doctors and 1 for customers.

Doctors' point of view:
We are giving separate app for doctors to update their dates and check their on-line appointments and payment details. Doctors easily place their availability in the application.

Free of charge for them, but remaining websites are charging.
So doctors happy with us.

We are collecting money from customers (example: doctor appointment cost is 200rs; we are adding 15 rs and total comes 215rs; we have sms and mail payment charges 5rs; remaining 10rs gross profit)

After one year we will occupy the market then we will start taking some money from doctors, but not like other on-line appointments. We will charge 15rs from doctors.

project cost details

details cost
1 web + 2 apps 3,50,000
2 Company registration + service tax
+ payment gateway + sms gateway+ email 1,00,0000

Advertisement add making cost 1,00,000

Cinema hall advertising cost 20,00,000
Customer app discount 5,00,000

cash in hand 5,00,000

total -----------------------------------------

Competitive Advantage

Doctors' point of view

We are giving separate application for doctors . Doctors using this app only for updating their dates and checking their on-line appointment and payment details. Doctor easily place their availability in app.

Free of charge (we are not taking any charges from doctors) but remaining website are. So doctors will be happy with us.

Customer application discount

We are applying discount depending upon district potential

First booking on app, we are giving 15% discount (exp appointed cost 200rs discount comes 30rs)

Andhra pradesh& telangana total 24 districts

Major potential district

Hyderabad discount eligible 2500 cus
Vizag 2500
Vijayawada 2500
Tirupati 1500

Remaining 20 district 300 = 6000

Total 15000× 30rs = 4.5l

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