"Give Life" Project for Heart Attack Prevention

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This is a medical technology-based project named Give Life (Broadcast My Life).

This project helps all the people aged 40 years and above to get prevented from heart attack.

We will charge each cleint a monthly fee, and this is where we will get our profit.

According to statistics, at least 20% of the 40 years old population is prone for heart attack. We will have numerous cleints because we are tied up with coporate hospitals which will redirect their patients to us.

You will get back all your investment in just 2 months because for each franchise in each area we will charge 2000 USD. The product can be lauched all over the world.

I am na entrepreneur with a Dr. title from hyderabad. We are having a total of 16 unique medical research dream projects and we are going to luanch one after the other .

We are ready to invest 20000 USD in this project and we are looking for partners who can invest of 50000 USD.

Please note that medical based projects are evergreen businesses because each and every person might need to be admitted into hospital.

Please contact us if you are seriously interested.

Use of financing

Plus points of our offer: you as an investor will get your money back within 2 months after the product launch and a profit percentage on the monthly fee form each cleint.

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