Herbal Supplements Manufacturer Needs Funds to Expand

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We, Triumph Formulations Pvt., Ltd., Chennai, India, are 17-year old herbal/dietary supplements manufacturer, marketers and exporters. We need funds to the tune of 500000$ towards expansion programme.

We are in the process of expanding our operations to various states in India and planning to export to countries like Uzbekistan, Italy etc. We are aspiring to build in a manufacturing unit complying with the international quality standards, which will enable us the following:

1. Manufacture of Herbal pure extracts.
2. Development of new formulations.
3. Manufacturing of various tablet forms.
4. Infrastructure for new age testing and maintenance of quality standards.
5. Modern sachet packing.
6. Herbal cosmetics manufacturing.
7. Various creams and ointments manufacturing.
8. Increased exports to various countries.
9. Taking up full-fledged third party manufacturing.
10. Developing franchisees throughout the country.

The Return on Investment for the investment will be 5-6 years.

Based on your interest in this pharmaceutical industry, which has a thorough potential for good returns, we believe that our business plan may be of interest to you, and we would like to present it to you. We request you to give us an appointment for presenting the plan for you to review.

We are seeking investments for our expansion activities in building new infrastructure and marketing set up throughout the country.

Genuine investors can talk to us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

We have proved formulas of 16 years and as our formulas contain pure herbs, which will not produce any side effect.

Though there are many players, we have certain unique formulas, which have been invented after thorough study of many ancient books/literatures
In herbal/dietary supplements, the most important factor is CONTAMINATION.

We are proud to say that we have been supplying total contamination free products.

Rationale for the deal

As a whole in the universe the market for alternative system of medicine, in particular herbal products is growing year by year.

We are already a profit making existing company, we are very certain our margin will go up, once we expand.

There are specific players from India like Himalaya Drug Co., Dabur and Zandu are making real money from the same ventures.

Use of financing

Our requirement is $500,000.

With this investment, we can rapidly grow fast than the present position, as there are many avenues, which are untapped.

We need the above investment in 3/4 divided instalments.

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