Integrating Healthcare Services via Video

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our vision is to provide consultancy-based health care solution for non-acute/non-emergency health problem to the local community (urban area) in a secure convenient and comfortable environment with easy accessibility via video-connectivity and health kiosk.

DocOnCall was founded to carter the Healthcare needs of the local community. Our vision is to provide First class integrated health care solution for the local community in a secure convenient and comfortable environment ; one in which we would happy to treat our family.

We aim to do this by combining the cutting edge Information technology along with video conferencing with economics of scale to deliver Video-Opd consultation along with other health care services at cost-effective rates. Our target customers are Middle – Higher income group families and employee of corporate companies, residing in metro cities where the customer have an annual health expenditure of approximately Rs 10,000 approximately.

DocOnCall addresses the issue of Health problem which can be treated on OPD consultation and is a priority segment for family, but is often neglected by the individual. More than 60% patients who visit hospital/doctors do not require / want hospital admission. This according to us presents as a immense service market. The service model would be based on creation of HEALTH KIOSK in high density residential and commercial area with Video connectivity to Consultant Doctor. The service will be available online subsequently.

It is strictly a Consultancy based Service model with synchronization of healthcare services. The model is designed to be run parallel and complimentary to Hospital services, however it is not a extension or an offshoot of Hospital service. Other services provided at these health kiosks would include appointments at diagnostic centres for Investigations advised, listing of hospital & doctor along with feedback by patient, Pharmacy services. Emergency Medical services are not provided at the health kiosk. Currently there are no direct competitors for our business model although there could be competitors in individual service provided.

DocOnCall will grow on to become a 10 million in sales revenue company at the end of 5 year with a yearly operating profits of approximately 1 million and growing at the end of 5 year. We are seeking an investment of 50 million from a venture capitalist for 50 % stake in our business.

Product and services presentation is available for download on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Unique Selling Proposition of the products/services

A. Differentiating factors from the current products / services in the market
1. It is strictly a CONSULTANCY SERVICE MODEL with Synchronization of Healthcare services.
2. This service model is designed to be run parallel and complimentary to HOSPITAL service.
3. It is not a extension or an offshoot of Hospital services
4. Unified and integrated healthcare solutions are not offered by anyone in the market.
5. Provide Video OPD to General population
6. We are targeting non-acute/non-emergency/chronic illness [many of which are preventable and require good regular follow up]
7. Target customers: 30-40yr old middle to higher income families in urban areas.

B. Company’s technology vis-à-vis current technologies
1. Current teleconferencing for healthcare services is not offered as a service to general population
2. Used amongst doctors to discuss difficult cases only.
3. Not used for routine cases.
4. Currently Tele-conferencing services are available between different branches of same hospital or to a remote location as in rural area.(only in selected location)

Rationale for the deal

Worldwide healthcare is $850 billion industry. India’s healthcare industry is valued at approximately Rs 1500 billion. Yes bank’s report of November 09 estimates growth rate of 23 % to $ 77 billion in 2013. CII anticipates growth rate of 13 % annually over next 5 year. The market size of healthcare delivery is expected to grow at 12 % CAGR to Rs 2970 billion by 2013.

Almost 80 % of spending on healthcare goes to private sector as a ‘Out of Pocket’ expense. The potential of healthcare service sector is immense. In India as there are more than 140 million upper and middle class, growing at over 4 % per annum with combined annual income of over 820,000 crore.

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