Investors Required for Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturing Unit

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company is managed by a team of professional from different segments of pharmaceutical industry. I have more than 18 years experience in Pharmaceutical Industry.

We have started a company with trading of pharmaceutical formulations and API here in Mumbai.

Total green level project with 5acres of land.The trunky project design will be as per WHO GMPand USFDA norms to manufacture tablet,capsules,Ointment and cream and oral liquid dosage forms.The proposed plant will be as per cGMP norms and will comply with guidelines of regulated market with modern equipments and machineries.

The Plant will be equiped with AHU and HVAC system to maintain the enviroment,Modern water system which will compaly USFDA norms,machneries for tableting,capsules,Oral liquid and external preaparations with GMP complience.

Faclity will be as per FDA guidelines with a modern laboratories with sophisticated machnaries like HPLC,GLC,UV,FTIR etc.

Total cost for plant ,Land and machinery will be US $7 milion and working capital requird will be 1 milion USD.Project Complete between 18-20 months time.

Intial 2 years company will do maketing and sales in India and semi regulated market in CIS,South America,Few pockets of East Africa and South East Asia and later stage will moove to regulated market like USA and Europe.

The good return of investment will be come after 2 years of commencement of production and investor will get more then 10% in investment with in 5 years of time.

Competitive Advantage

As between year 2012-2014 there are thousends of molecules going to be off patent,so the company focused on grab this oppurtinity to launch new and inovative generics in regulated and as well in semi regulated market ,mostly on chronic segments as the market is growing multi fold over the years.

As India have the expertise to develop new molecules and formulations with highly qualified technocrats,chief labour,Ready availibilty of raw materials and active ingredients,English speaking professionals coming years it is going to be manufacturing hub.

Intial 3 years the growth will be betwen 30-40%,but after 3yeras expected growth will be more then 50%.

Rationale for the deal

With new and inovative product range, good R&D and new dosage forms with chronic segements like Cadio, Psychotropic, Anti-Diabetic and BPH products can be establish the company and products world wide in shortest possible time.

With less comptation the margin will be more and expected the return of total investment between 7-8 years time.

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