Looking for an Investor for Multi-Speciality Hospital

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for an investor to help us start up a hospital project in Kerala, India. The initial investment needed is 2cr. The funding will be used for machinery and equipment, land and working capital. The total cost of the project is 950cr.

We are planning to launch a specialty hospital in Kerala, India. Since the region is highly polluted we need extra attention on the healthcare sector. The latter creates demand for projects like ours. With regard to the fast growing tourism in Kerala we can also add a medical tourism aspect to our idea. According to official information, Kerala - the god's own country - is being visited by about 20 million tourists in a year.

We can attract tourists to choose our hospital through advertising, the media, and the government. Once we treat our patients well, surely they will come back next year. In our offerings to tourists we will include the traditional methods of ''PANCHAKARMA'' and ''KALARICHIKILTSA''. We can arrange these treatments at ow cost yet at high quality!

In our specialty hospital, we will arrange all the facilities available in this country, so that our hospital will become the last word in the medical industry in India! We plan to do monthly updates with latest technologies, medicines, and efficient doctors. We will establish a board of directors consisting of doctors, technicians and para medical staff. There will be an advisory board for administration and management on the top of the hospital, having the last word in the hospital matters. We will develop well planned rules and regulations, as required for entry to the medical industry. Our marketing efforts will focus on the medical tourism.

The investor is welcome to become director of the advisory board. He can return his investment (plusinterest) within 3-4 years after the launch.

Contact us on Merar if you are an interested investor.

Competitive Advantage

I am fully confident in this project because I have a clear track record in government matters, so that I can easily get permissions from the authorities. This is a special advantage of mine because the other potential players will face a lot of hurdles to get government permissions. start an office with door number, conduct a survey with team of professionals -charted accountants, doctors, health workers to determine the different needs and the opportunities of the hospital is going to serve.

Use of financing

Machinery and equipments - 420cr.
Cost of land - 50-60cr (variation possible depending on local values)
Working capital - 468cr.

Total cost of project - 950cr.

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