Looking For an Investor in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for investor with good motivational attitude towards our project. We guarantee a good return on investment for our investor.

We are part of Group of Company, based in India. We have more than 10 small investors to continue our project, so we are looking for more than 30000 USD of investment, individual or corporate entity.

We are working in the pan India for the health care services with huge customer base. More than 10 000 families are dependent on our services, in a single location. Our motto is "HEALTH FOR ALL & LIVE FOR ALL", so we enhance this project by using E-governance and the availability of electronic access from everywhere. Our target market is where we stand , currently we get more customers than forecasted, because of quality health care at minimum cost, affordable by the average person .

We generate revenue by selling Smart Card i:e Multipurpose card utilized for all E-eccentric solution including potential health care . Generate revenue by pharmaceutical business of Ayurveda ( Promoting Ayurveda medicine starting from local to international base). Our strength is our customer trust and potential behavior towards our business model. Alongside that, we are in to manufacturing leaf plate for green globe evaluation , trade and retail sector & internet business with Bollywood entertainment.

We are planning within 2-3 years to provide a good conduct to all our businesses, what is processed some time ago and achieve the unexpected milestone now . For the whole project we need at least 100000 USD, but we have also invited small and medium investors who are ready to invest. We also offer negotiable ROI, surety and guarantee for your money back up to 2 years.

Use of financing

We are using the finance to set up a multi- specialist hospital and a disposable manufacturing unit for leaf plate production.

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