Online Platform Fostering Medical Tourism

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is about an Internet platform addressing medical tourism gaps by offering hospitals a real-time interaction with prospective clients. We are seeking $60K per angel investor from a total of $200K investment required. ROI in years 2 - 3 will be 3x to 5x. Revenue: SaaS, Freemium and Ads.

Our platform is first of its kind and is in its development stage for the past 6 months. The platform allows potential patients and healthcare providers to meet at one point, thereby helping users seeking medical tourism to take informed decisions. Here users not only explore the information they need but also interact personally with the right contact person on matters concerning the patient care. The healthcare providers will use our platform to attract potential customers. Further, our platform not only helps international users, it does serve the purpose for domestic users as well. An early market entry will make us have solid projection.

Revenue Model:

Freemium: Registration and exploring information on our platform is free, but availing interaction will be a paid service.
SaaS model: There will be an annual subscription for corporate healthcare providers to avail our services. We plan carefully and decide on the price for each customer.
Advertisment: We have identified some creative ways to allow healthcare providers to advertise for end-user population.

In 2006, the medical tourism industry grossed about $60 billion worldwide. McKinsey & Company estimate this total to rise up to $100 billion by 2012. We showcased a product prototype to reputed hospitals like FORTIS Healthcare, MG Ramachandra Medical Institute and National Hospital to take a customer overview. We received excellent response scoring 5/5 and customers were interested to collaborate.

We have a total of 30 years experience in the Healthcare business. Our team includes doctors, a director and a business analyst with leading Healthcare Organization and knowledge of what end users want. Our education qualification footprint is from IIT to Oxford. Using our skills and experience in this sector, we believe that we can turn this business into a great success and commercialize this online platform to generate sustainable turnover and profitability.

Our platform is in development for the past 6 months, and we seek Series A round of capital to proceed our development and launch the product to reach the targeted audience. The return to the investors will be in Class B Preferred Stock and is expected to be in the same order of scaling.

Financials Needed:

Total Funding Required: $ 200,000/-
Min. Investment per Investor: $ 60,000/-
Exit - Return on Investment: 3x - 5x within 2 to 3 years

We have outsourced product development and we are working towards the first version of our product. We expect $60K of the estimated capital as early as 2012 as working and operation capital. However, additional cash-flow infusion will be required mid-2012 to launch and market the product. We expect to self-sustain on cash-flow end of 2013.

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