Pharmaceutical Company in India Looking for Debt Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Medical, Health Care, Pharmaceutical
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Years in operations: 3, Employees: 10
  • Investment size: $10,000,000 / min. $4,000,000
  • ROI: 20% in 10 years
  • Type of investment: Debt
Pharmaceutical Company in India Looking for Debt Investment This is a good opportunity for investors to enter the technical niche of the Pharma business. Image courtesy of Auntie P, 2009, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

We are an Indian Pharmaceutical company based in Gujarat, started by experienced technocrats. We are looking for funding to acquire a manufacturing plant and set up R&D.

Our team has more than 4 decades cumulative experience in the Pharma industry for R&D, manufacturing, process development & scale up, development of technology driven products with patent non-infringing and new technologies, NDDS (Novel Drug Delivery Systems), FTF’s (First to File Opportunities), regulatory affairs with filings and approval of products in various countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil etc., quality assurance & management systems, marketing, audits and compliance etc. We also have good understanding & practical experience of facing & complying audits like US-FDA, TGA, MHRA, ANVISSA, TPD, etc. (all the regulatory authorities of major part of the world). We have experience for filing and approvals of more than 100+ products in USA, Canada, Europe etc., along with API’s DMF.

As we have worked at senior levels in the industry, we have the necessary know-how of overall business operations in the Pharmaceutical sector. We have a great vision and strategy to execute our vision into results where more than 20% ROI is expected with asset increase of 3 to 4 fold within 10 years of the investment plan.

In the first phase we are looking for a loan / fund in the amount of about 10 Million USD. We will be acquiring a WHO-GMP Manufacturing plant and a drug intermediate manufacturing plant, and also set up a small research centre. We already have a ready business and customers from countries like Europe, Africa, and USA.

We have a detailed project proposal which we would be glad to provide to interested investors.

Competitive Advantage

We are technical people but we acknowledge the need of marketing know-how. We have already developed a partnership network of good drug intermediaries that work in a cost effective manner and enable us get a profit of about 40 to 50%. One of the intermediaries has customers in Europe and has one of the best-selling APIs in the world.

We have other good opportunities to expand, including dossier development, out-licensing etc. We are working with a Chinese company that is looking for ready technology products, and can become our assured customer for next few years.

Your support would be really appreciated.

Rationale for the deal

The investor can eaisly get returns of more than 20% over the next 10 years.

Use of financing

Funding is needed to:
1. Acquire a Pharma manufacturing plant for about 4 Million USD
2. Acquire one drug intermediate plant for about 1 Million USD
3. Set up an R&D centre for product development and contract research

Opportunity for the investor

This is a good opportunity for investors to enter the technical niche of the Pharma business. We are able to deliver cost effective & innovative product development and are confident that our products will pass FDA, MHRA, TPD and all other regulatory inspections.

We offer investors to join an experienced technical team that can run and expand the business, and thus pay back all capital input at profit.

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