Female Contraceptive Manufacturing Company Needs Financial Assistance

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Right now we need a financial partner or joint venture company for manufacturing the contraceptive in large scale and marketing it all over the world.

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the upcoming female contraceptive manufacturing companies in India. We have developed a new type of contraceptive sponge, especially developed for women. We named our product, said to be the first of its kind in India, “Gynaas”.

Gynaas Sponge provides safe and effective protection without hormonal side effects.

It continuously releases an effective spermicide, which quickly kills germs in the sperm on contact. Thus it blocks the path of the sperm. Gynaas sponge contains US FDA approved spermicide.

Main advantages of Gynaas contraceptive sponge:.
• Non hormonal: No exposure to hormones or the side effects
• Spontaneity: Effective immediately; protects for 12 hours and multiple acts of intercourse. (No Need for new sponge for every sexual contact -throught one night)
• Convenient: One size fits all, no messy gels, effective protections only when a woman needs it

Competitive Advantage

We have no competitors in India.

Use of financing

Manufacturing and marketing.

Opportunity for the investor

Both individual and corporate partners are welcome to join us.

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