Promising Fashion E-commerce from Jordan Looking for Start-up Capital

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Jordan Jordan
  • Industry: Retail Trade
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Years in operations: 1, Employees: 3
  • Investment size: $370,000 / min. $370,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

The Nora as a start-up will sell basic clothing items: tops, dresses, pants and shoes. The website will start running in the middle of 2013.

The Nora is an online shopping destination for female clothing, accessories, shoes, purses and hand bags. The Nora group consists of 3 main domains: Nora Jewellery, The Nora Fashion Magazine and The Nora; where each has its website as each has its purview. The group delivers its orders through DHL shipments and covers all countries worldwide.

Nora Jewelry sells fashionable, unique, yet affordable accessories, scarves, purses, and bags. The website is up and running from the beginning of 2012.

The Nora Fashion Magazine is meant to address fashion seekers by capturing latest fashion trends, collections, beauty tips and reviews, focusing on presenting our products and how they address the latest fashion and trends. The website will start running in the beginning of 2013.

Our main market segment is women who are looking for affordable yet high quality fashionable clothes, accessories and makeup. We were able to attract some wholesalers as well by offering discounts for big orders. A modest potion of our customers is also those looking for gifts for their loved ones and the special ladies in their lives.

The Nora is a retail online store that provides fashionable clothes, accessories, hand bags and other merchandise for woman. Our goal is to provide latest fashion trends in affordable prices. The Nora consists of 3 Major websites:
• Nora Jewelry
• The Nora Fashion Magazine, and
• The Nora.

Nora Jewelry started in early 2012 and has been able to attract customers from around the globe as it sells fashionable accessories, scarves, and hand Bags.

The Nora Fashion Magazine will be launched on January 1st, 2013 as women destination for fashion tips, trends and some reviews on The Nora Merchandise.

The Nora website is still under planning as it requires a start-up capital and participation of new investor(s). The plan is to start working on it on the beginning of 2013 after we find an investor.

Rationale for the deal

Current Business Position

Our comapny is not registered yet; we want to regester it as an offshore company in UAE. Our reginal office is going to be in Amman-Jordan.
We have more than 200 registered users around the globe and they've made more than 150 order in the past 10 months. According to some financial issues we stopped paying for advertising. We received a lot of positive feed backs.

We are negotiating with a boutique in Georgia-USA to start selling our products. Also we negotiating with a series of boutique owner in Guinea for same purpose.

Major Achievements

We are proud that we launched our first website online and it starting to get some revenue. The good reputation of Nora Jewelry makes some potential clients to look for it via Google using "Nora Jewelry" key word, nevertheless Nora Jewelry show up in some search keywords.

Nora Jewelry facebook page is liked by more than 23,000 and still counting.
After the soft opening we have 200 active registered clients who bought from our website.

We ate at the final stages in negotiating with some boutiques to sell our products.

We finished negotiating with a well noun Search Engine Optimization company to handle our website.

Financial Highlights

The business will need substantial start-up capital.
Profitable Sales are expected to start conservatively the second year and increase steadily through the 3rd year of operations.
Cash will be retained in the business to cover cash operating needs as well as future expansion of products.

Use of financing

The calculations and statistics provided herein are within the maximum range needed as the requested capital ($370,000) shall be enough to run the company for 1st year and as no substantial profits that shall cover all expenses and attain a good profit margin will be made until the middle of the second year.

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