Hospitality Company Willing to Construct Boutique Apartments in Kenya

A start-up company is looking to construct 28 serviced boutique apartments in Nairobi. US$1500000 has already been invested in the land acquisition.

Coral Stone Block Cutting Project by Kenyan Construction Company

The business will bring a total of 1,107,000 shillings per month. Assuming a high downtime of 15 days a month, this will generate a net profit of 553,500 per month.

E-commerce Marketplace for Manufacturers Seeks Investment to Start Up

We intend to offer an online marketplace for suppliers and manufacturers to show and sell their products to buyers all over the world.

Micro Credit Facilities Catering for the Needs of Small Businesses

Experienced banker looking to start up a micro group lending facility. By pooling resources we will will contribute to community development and generate profits.

Vegetable Farm Seeking Loan to Start Poly House Production

We are looking for a loan in the amount of $200,000 to start the project. The payback period is 2 years and the proposed annual interest rate - 35-40%.