Micro Credit Facilities Catering for the Needs of Small Businesses

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Experienced banker looking to start up a micro group lending facility. By pooling resources we will will contribute to community development and generate profits.

Providing micro credit facilities to low-income earners.

Target Market:
Small business owners and households

Revenue Generation:
Interest on the loans and facilitation fees

Project Justification:
I am a banker with handsome experience in group credit lending methodology spanning from 7yrs with groups paying 100% without failure.

Progress on the Project:
Starting from micro group lending to graduating the group lenders to individual lenders after successful good credit history

Project Timeline and Key Milestones:
2013 August henceforth. Biggest milestone is only loan funds.

Funding Needs:
Logistics, loan funds, manpower (employees)

Offering to the Investor:
Will have an opportunity to share the accrued profits, own the investment and also be a partaker in changing and touching people’s lives through financial solutions.
Payback period will depend on the amount invested but with all factors held constant the first 2 years one will see fruits coming and encouraging.

Competitive Advantage

The existing field players are not flexible. As for me, I would be flexible enough to sort out customers at the point of need. You get what you ask at the time you ask.

My business will be different because I will apply a group lending methodology with field visits to identify needs and tailor products towards the same.

My advantages are sustainable in that I do create client loyalty for longevity and futurity of the business.

Rationale for the deal

This field is a vibrant one and what customers need is simplicity and satisfaction. Big lenders on the other hand are requesting complicated processes and bureaucracy.

I will secure revenue streams by establishing a clientele who when satisfied will make others come for services thus drawing income from it.
Other players are raking profits from small beginnings to bigger viable enterprises.

I have 7 years of experience in the particular business area and am well familiar with its specificities and opportunities.

Use of financing

Funding needed for:
• Loan Fund,
• Logistics,
• Stationeries,
• Manpower,
• Capacity building and miscellaneous expenses.
Two rounds of financing will be enough to push it to the next level.

Opportunity for the investor

Either a debt investor or equity investment would be welcome. For debt investment the amount should range from USD10000 to 20000. For equity, all amounts are welcomed.
Silent investor will be preferred.
3 instalments are desirable.

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