Cheap, Clean and Affordable Solar Power To Rural Kenyans

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company is on a mission to supply cheap, clean and affordable solar power to the thousands of rural, off-grid Kenyans by eradicate the use of kerosene lamps.

Our company is on a mission to supply cheap, clean and affordable solar power to the thousands of rural, off-grid Kenyans by eradicate the use of kerosene lamps and assist families embrace solar light for home use. Our company will ensure that solar energy has been integrated into homes more efficiently and economically, to reduce energy bills, to provide greater supply reliability, and to provide clean energy for mankind and to ensure they have life after sunset.

One third of the Kenyan population has no electricity. The majority of these people live in rural, remote areas off the main power grid. Many household resorts to kerosene lanterns. And those lanterns create unhealthy fumes, they cast inadequate light, they cost a relative fortune to run, and all too often they cause burns or fires that claim lives.

In the past ten years, global electricity demand has grown by 40 percent. During this time, the use of Renewable Energy has expanded at ten times the rate of fossil fuels. Experts predict that the world's electricity demand could triple by 2020, a colossal increase that will be fuelled by the industrialisation of developing countries. As a specialist provider and integrator of RE systems designed for developing communities, our company will position itself to capitalise on this explosive trend.

Using a unique business model called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) which is a micro payment scheme to sell the solar light kit in rural Kenya we aim to eradicate the dangerous and toxic kerosene lamp and improve lives through solar technology.

The solar kit which consists of 4 lamps and a solar panel cost 100 dollars. A client only needs to pay a deposit of just 20 dollars and get the kit. We do all the installation at his home. The remaining 80 dollars is paid in instalment of 10 dollars for 8 months and subsequent electricity is free to the new owner.

PAYG customers are finding that instead of paying $2 to $3 a week for kerosene, they pay less than half that for solar energy. The PAYG concept is a familiar one for hundreds of millions of Africans who purchase mobile phone minutes and kerosene fuel incrementally.

As compare to getting connected to the main power grid where it is required that the clients pays the full amount of 350 dollars connection fee and then wait for 6 to 12 month to get power connected to their house. We are the better option by far

In Kenya, solar kit financing will generate almost $500,000 thousand of net income, and $750,000 thousands in accumulated cash, by 2020. We will seek $200,000.00 in a single round of seed financing to fund the business.

Our company will seek this capital from private accredited investors, interested in penetrating emerging markets. We will drastically improve the community's prosperity, thereby building real demand for electronics and solar products and services. We are dedicated to improving the lives of the world's underprivileged people by promoting the use of clean renewable energy. Therefore our company is also offering investors to be associated with this noble initiative.

Use of financing

The key areas where the money will be used is as follows:

• Purchasing of the solar panels and all the accessories
• Leasing of ware house to serve as the assembly base and workshop
• Renting of offices to serve as the administrative area.
• Hiring of solar installation employees.
• Purchasing of two vans to assist in transportation of the technical crew and solar panel equipment to the site.
• Payment of legal fees and licenses required to undertake the project.
• Hosting and organizing exhibitions for our company to get more clients

Opportunity for the investor

The investor will greatly benefit for helping reduce the carbon monoxide on the environment.

We are seeking a loan amount of US$200,000.00

We will repay the loan in 10 years at a rate of 4% .

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