Equity Investment Needed in Events/Marketing Project with 10% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity in Youth Empowerment in Kenya Image courtesy: Fingerz, 2007, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

We specialize in Events, Media, Arts and Entertainment. Funding will facilitate setting up of an office and purchasing equipment to run the business.

We are planning to start up a Christian-based Entertainment and Events Unit.

We are a team of young, talented individuals whose values are based on Christianity and its teachings.

We specialize in events, media, the arts, and entertainment as a whole.

We came together inspired by the feeling that whatever is influencing a majority of young people/our peers are social ills such as vanity, recklessness and ignorance of the fact that their identity is actually based in Christ.

Thus we decided to join forces and push a message of empowerment with an outlook that is not only relevant to the young people in our society, but real and practical to them as well.

We are in our early twenties. We are focused on our vision and are backed by our yearning to challenge the status quo in order to create positive impact for the future of our society, our country and our continent.

We are guided by the principles of old but using the tools of youth to achieve what we believe is a balance between how the youth should live their lives, nurture their talent, walk in their purpose and develop their futures vis-à-vis losing themselves in what the world today has to offer; doing all this responsibly, maturely and with clear vision.

To bring about empowerment to the youth in the society by nurturing talent in the arts, with the aim of spreading Christian-based principles and values.

To win over the world to Christ by transforming young lives.

Hard work, passion, determination and consistency.

Our plan and vision are long-term. We pride ourselves on being progressive thinkers. We aim to create long-term partnerships with possible investors in our vision and build on these investments in order to push our message and in-turn create revenue for our partners, not only monetary but also goodwill.

We are looking to create marketing and advertisement partnerships with our potential partners in order to open up new revenue streams from our peers and followers and facilitate growth of our partner brands.


1. Event management
2. Talent [which comprises: Deejay, Artistes, Hype man and MC]
3. Missions and Outreach
4. Deejay Academy
5. Experiential Marketing

Competitive Advantage

We host a nationally renowned Breaktime Show which airs on NTV every Wednesday at 8.30 p.m alongside Obinna, Nice Githinji and DJ Oskul in partnership with African Urban Entertainment. We are regulars at Mavuno Church where we provide deejaying and hyping services at the Youth Ministry. We also initiated Chomoa Talanta a program in which we visit neighborhoods to scout raw and untapped talent.

Rationale for the deal

As part of our corporate objective, we are looking to establish a premise which will attract more business, facilitate self-reliance and lead to growth. Owning the most important equipment such as deejay decks and speakers will greatly reduce the cost of operation hence increasing the profits. A large proportion of the savings is spent on hiring such equipment hence we are looking to eliminate such costs. The premise will be well equipped enabling the business to not only meet but also exceed all the customers’ expectations.

Corporate Objectives:
1. To expand our services in the next 1 year by introducing mentorship programs targeting the youths.
2. To expand our reach to the entire nation in the next 2 years.
3. To purchase our own equipment so as to reduce the operation costs.
4. To generate more revenue so as to make the company self-reliant.

Use of financing

• Company registration: 25,000 KES
• Legal fees (annual): 10,000 KES
• Renting office space (first 3 months): 45,000 KES
• Office furniture: 50,000 KES
• Computers & hardware: 100,000 KES
• Office stationary: 4,000 KES
• Internet installation & fees (first 3 months): 46,000 KES
• Website design & hosting (annual): 35,000 KES
• Entertainment equipment: 500,000 KES
• Branding: 20,000 KES
• Postal address fees (annual): 5,000 KES
• Labor: 30,000 KES
• Transport (first 3 months): 18,000 KES
• Bills (first 3 months): 9,000 KES
• Operating costs: 113,000 KES

Opportunity for the investor

This is its proposal requesting for credit amounting to 1,000,000 KES.
We intend to start repaying the credit after a grace period of 3 months. During this period, the business is expecting to have become self-reliant or able to meet all its responsibilities such as bills and attract more business. After 3 months, we are projecting that it will be able to pay a total of Kshs. 40,000 every month hence the credit will be fully settled in a period of 25 months.
40,000*25 months=1,000,000 KES.

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