E-commerce Marketplace for Manufacturers Seeks Investment to Start Up

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Kenya Kenya
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $10,000 / min. $10,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

We intend to offer an online marketplace for suppliers and manufacturers to show and sell their products to buyers all over the world.

We aim to raise income through subscription fees charged on manufacturers and suppliers who list their profiles and products on our website. We require a funding of $1500 and we intend to launch as soon as we get the funding. Domain already purchased.


We intend to offer an online trading platform where manufacturers and suppliers can list their profiles and products and buyers can connect with suppliers from around the world and purchase their products.

Target Market:

We target the online market in Africa. Manufacturers in countries around Africa only get customers through other expensive modes of advertising and through websites that barely get any traffic and which in any case cant sell online to people in a different location from where the company is situated. This sees a lot of trade leads getting lost, therefore we are offering a centralization of almost all companies around Africa and the world where customers can buy without wasting time going through the website looking for the manufacturers website.

Revenue Generation:

We aim to raise income through subscription fees charged on manufacturers and suppliers who list their profiles and products on our website.

Progress on Project:

We have already purchased a domain and a relevant web hosting and we have been advertising our imminent launch through various media so that when we launch we do not waste time in attracting potential customers. We will deploy the website immediately after receiving funding and we expect that within two or three months, we will have cleared the start up debt through our income. We intend to attract 1000 to 5000 manufacturers and suppliers per month therefore we expect our income to rise gradually.

Competitive Advantage

We have very few competitors, most of whom have very different business models from ours which have not worked therefore we intend to take over our competitors markets and we may offer to buy out those companies as well.

Rationale for the deal

With current market trends, such as in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and most African counties who just read their budgets in the past month, indicated that they have budgeted for growth of ICT industries for the current financial year therefore this would be a great time for us to establish our company.

Use of financing

We require $1500 USD for the whole project. $500 USD will be put into the platform deployment and upgrade to have a more interactive edge. $1000 USD will be put into formal advertising. This will be through television network advertising and internet advertising.

Opportunity for the investor

We would like to borrow the $ 1500 USD from a potential investor. We will repay the $1500 over a 6 month period, however we would like to request a 1 month grace period just so that we can adequately publish and advertise our site. We will also repay the amount with an interest rate of 3% per month after the one moth grace period. This means that your total interest will be calculated as:

3/100*1500*6=$270 . Therefore the total amount that we will pay back will be $1770.

If our business picks up in two months as expected, we will payback to the investor all the money($1770) at the beginning of the third month(grace period month included) And we MAY offer the investor a few shares of our company.
We expect to make our first month revenue in the zone of $2906 in the first and second month therefore we may even pay up all our dues within the second month. We would be delighted to do business with you. Thank you.

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