Investor for Residential Houses in Nairobi

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Kenya Kenya
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $5,200,000 / min. $3,000,000

Investment Opportunity

To build Residential houses in Nairobi of three bedrooms and each flat to have 30 houses and at least the compound to have Ten flats. We are aiming to build modern houses for residential purposes and house at least 300 families. The service is the real estate and funds are for construction.The date to start construction is 9/11/2011

We are aiming to construct Residential houses in Nairobi where around three hundred families can live in a full compound in the flats of three bedrooms each.
The people in the house will pay US $ 3448 per month and one compound can give US $1,034,400 per Month and that brings to US $12,412,800 per year and that is one compound of one acre but we need to construct in 15 acre space.

The cash payback period will be from 8-10 years.
This business of real Estate is a very good idea since whether you are sick or sleeping or traveling the money is entering into the account and the demand of housing is growing daily where one is assured of market and returns.

The opportunity for the investor is that he/she is assured the money placed in the scheme is going to come back in started period with profit margin without failure.

The population of the world is growing daily and world has become a small planet people are allowed to move and work anywhere hence the project of real estate becomes lucrative for putting money in.

The land is available but what we lack is capital to start construction immediately.

The funding is needed for buying materials, pay workers, construction purposes,and many other services.

Competitive Advantage

There so many other real estate companies like Mugoya, shoyaki, Mirambva, etc but the demand in Nairobi is very high. Although competitors are their but these enable other companies to present high quality facilities of which we are engaged in.
Our Houses will be of high quality, with many services inside the compounds, ie Supermarkets, schools, clinics, pharmacy ,high security etc
The Advantage are sustainable and even will not be comparable to non although others may come but also we shall be looking for changes and improving the comfort of our customers.

Rationale for the deal

Rent houses and get monthly income from the as people pay rents per month.
The Rent collection will come from the US $ 12M <
There so many who are making billions from rent collection per year and i fill no different from them.

Use of financing

Investment is needed for buying materials such as cements, sands, stones, paints, timbers , etc
Construction ie preparing the ground, paying the staffs, electricity materials, plumbing materials, etc
The reason to look for finance is because of the quality of houses that i need to engage in and assured high returns and also the period what the project to be completed.
Phase One, US $ 2, 000,000.
Phase Two US $ 1,800,000
Phase Three US $ 1,000,000

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