New Comfortable High Tech Buses Fitted with Wireless WiFi Network

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The business will be focusing on providing buses and minibuses to be operating between various institutions of higher learning and day schools.

Products and Services:
Buses fitted with WiFi network, 28 or 32 seaters

Target Market:
Large populated areas like universities and colleges with young and not driving people

Revenue Generation Model:
Sourcing lot of money from the transport needy people

Project Justification:
This is a fast growing industry with huge potential

Project Timeline:
Start immediately after funding

Funding Needs:
$ 100,000

Offering to the Investor:
60%=32790.36 during the first 2 years and 20% for another 5 years
Payback Period = 2 years

Competitive Advantage

Indirect and Direct Competitors:
14 seater buses

WiFi, modern buses, branding with the institutions name

Sustainability of Success:
Our success is sustainable, and competitors won't be able to easily repeat our product.

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity is huge as this a fast growing industry and unexplored in other African countries. Being a student I know what students need and how to deliver to them to bring difference. Being a degree holder in entrepreneurship I have taken a keen research on the market.

Use of financing

Funding will enable the purchase of the buses and fitting of the wireless network.
We are confident in the success of this operation.
I am an entrepreneurship student and have taken keen research on the market.

Opportunity for the investor

Loan Amount: $100000
Payback period: 2 yrs
Interest Rate: 14%
Equity Finance Share: 60%
I am looking for any kind of investor.
The minimum instalments will be of 50,000 to be paid within the first month of agreement and the balance to be motivated later within the first half of the year.

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