5%+ ROI on Investment per Month in Trading with FX Markets

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a trading systems development and a private financial markets investment company, investing private funds in the foreign exchange markets.

Our comapny invests investor funds into the foreign exchange markets using custom made systems and strategies that bring in consistent returns to investors.

Our systems use mathematical calculation formulas developed by our specialist development team to use fundamental and technical information on currencies to calculate true market value in currencies hence enabling us to easily identify price direction and imbalances to profit from. Our trading systems development and research team also has a lot of systems and logics developed for success and consistency in the financial markets.

We average a minimum of 0.4% return on investment per trading day, trading the Asian, Australian and London sessions. Hence able to have returns of 5% on investor funds. As of January 2014 to September 2014 , we have a total return of 44%, verified by a third party.

The investor who will join our team will get 5% returns on their investments as a standard first. Excess returns after the 5% return has been deducted, we will charge a 25% performance fee.

The funds invested will remain in a third party account with the investor having access to it therefore having transparency. A verified third party will control the funds and manage it. We do not directly have access to the funds in any way thus no way we can mis-manage the funds.

Competitive Advantage

Team of system developers, developing custom made systems to trade the markets hence unmatched control of any system used to trade the financial markets. Custom made trading system that is not available to the public hence away from manipulation of any sort.

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