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Investment Opportunities in Maldives

Investment Needed in Tourism and Recreation Sector in Maldives

To build a 6 room guest house in a small island. Land area of 2000sq feet. Beach front, sea view..most peaceful and relaxing place.

Investment Needed for Building a Vacation House in Maldives beach

Looking for possible partnership to invest in vacation city hotel/service apartments.For more information, please contact us on Merar.

Business Partner Sought for Development of a Guest House in Maldives

This is an opportunity to renovate a built house into a guest house on an inhabited island in Maldives and market them worldwide. Investment: US$100,000 to 250,000

Establishment of a Guest House in GDh. Hoadedhoo, Maldives

I think I'll go for an equity investment for this project with a 55% share for the investor. The investor can always advise me for a better option.

Establishment of a Tourist Guest House or Houses in Maldives

Firstly we will build the guest house and start operating. Land is already available and we are looking for an investor and partner to start the business.