Beach Front Guest House Development in Raa Atoll, Rep of Maldives

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Maldives Maldives
  • Industry: Tourism, Recreation
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $500,000 / min. $200,000
  • ROI: 100% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Guest House Development Opportunity and a feasible prime location where there is many scope for us to expand the business smoothly and gain more exposure for it.

In Raa Atoll, where now the new tourism projects are being carries out, the guest house is based in a residential island among the neighboring resorts that are in development process, the guest house is a beach front house and since with prime locations like the Hammer head sharks, diving, surfing and Fishing and also many more marine life. It is feasible and investment will be covered shorty once the operation gets started. The investor will be guaranteed with legal documents provided. In this forum, we have estimated the lowest but we have scope that it will be more than what we have estimated.

Competitive Advantage

Direct competitors are the nearby guest houses and indirectly compete with resorts.
We will be different because we are located among the resorts that are being developed and their assistance will be received and furthermore, we will be able to expand services better than other guest houses nearby since the beach location is only this guest house of ours.
Compete with other nearby guesthouses
Cooperation between resorts
sustain by expanding its activities and with quality services by marketing it elsewhere

Rationale for the deal

Apart from marketing, over booked resorts provide assistance to transfer clients to the guest house with similar services provided
We can make money by providing services for clients who needs water sports activities that is over booked from resorts, we can provide diving, fishing, snorkeling, sight seeing too and with a good restaurant with tasty meals
our experience is more than 16 years in tourism industry.

Use of financing

to build the guest house with a turn key
to fund on assets and for marketing
to expand and recreation
two rounds of financing is required if posible

Opportunity for the investor

The investor will have 60% share until investment break-even within 5 years and added 2 years to gain profit.
after that, the investor can have 50% share for the rest.

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