Transportation Start up Project in Nigeria with 5 percent ROI

I am planning to start a passenger transport service from Lagos to Abuja and the rest of the states in Nigeria as there is insufficient supply of such services.

Affordable Housing Project in Nigeria Seeking an Investment Partner

Real Estate company asking for support to deliver quality houses through their market expertise. Aim is to fill the gap by making affordable houses available.

Funding Needed for Manufacturing of Toilet and Bath Cleaning Products

The project is to produce products such as toilet and tiles cleaners, disinfectants for treatment of water before taking a bath, bleach to remove stains and body cream.

Commercial Transport Business in Nigeria Seeking Start Up Fund

Funding is needed for commercial transport services business. Passengers will be transported to their places of work daily.

A Business Importing Industrial Chemicals is in a Need of Investment

Investment is needed to rent a warehouses, bus, import the chemicals, workforce and get a permit from NAFDAC to start importation.

Debt Finance Sought: Tin Ore / Lead Ore Mining Project in Nigeria

We are looking for debt finance. The loan payback time is 6 months to 1 year. The interest rate can be even more than 80% but should not exceed 100% in six months.

Quarry Minning Investment Project in Nigeria with very Good Returns

This is for a Quarry Project in Nigeria. Investment is sought to purchase modern machinery and start producing and selling granite.