Funding Needed to Market a Patent-Pending Fuel-Less Power Generator

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The investment fund will first be utilized on the completion of the product registration at UK and US patent offices and WIPO, and then provide for working capital.

D. Scientific is a starting research and manufacturing company. Although the company has other new innovative products to offer, it wishes to commence business with the manufacture of its fuel-less generator called Magnopack. Magnopack is a generator which does not require fuel such as petrol or diesel to work. Therefore it cuts the regular expenses made by the purchase of fuel.

The device has a ten years guarantee. A solar system capable of providing the same power is five times costlier. It can be used for powering electric cars. The demand for the product is especially high in Africa and other third world countries where there is severe power supply shortage. However, the target market is worldwide.

Competitive Advantage

A UK patent application is under process (GB1121480.6). The product design will be protected by patent right with full legal back up to avoid Illegal manufacture of the product. This will limit direct competition at the time being and in the future.

The product has many advantages over wind turbines, solar systems and the conventional generators in being safe ,cheaper, non-explosive, noiseless, non-polluting, of light weight/easily portable, compact (takes little space), and long lived (over ten years).

Rationale for the deal

Magnopack will be the first marketable and useful product of its kind and will eventually evolve into various models and designs. The power plant will also be manufactured. Hence the product is suitable for domestic, business and industrial use. Projected worldwide market value is about 50 billion dollars (sales profit).
The products will be sold to distributors and retailers worldwide.

Number of manufactured products per month: 2000
Manufacturing cost of each product: $900-$1,200
Manufacturers selling price: $1,100-$1,400
Profit on each product: $300

Use of financing

We wish to apply for start-up capital investment. The fund will first be utilized on the completion of the product registration at UK and US patent offices and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The investment will cover patent attorney broker fees and also provide the working capital.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for a hands-on investor and will offer 50% equity.

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