Debt Financing Required For a Fresh Goldmine (Rock) in Nigeria

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We hereby request a Debt Finance, with payback period of SIX MONTHS. Interest rate not exceeding 100% per calendar year. Moratorium of 3 months is expected.

Our business is Gold mining . Gold market is global and demand is always high. We need money to acquire benefactions equipment and other necessary mining equipment.

The are to be mined has already been explored and large deposit of Rock gold is confirmed. We have a vast amount of 4 cadastre units ( About 4 soccer fields). We need funds up to the tune of 200,000 USD (£150,000) to start our mining project. We have a license to mine the Gold.

To start mining we need to purchase a 5 ton per hour beneficiation machine from China for Gold, to buy 2 Excavators, 1 pay loader and 2 tippers and other minor mining equipment, including operating costs.

The Gold mining is a very good investment that will bring up to 500% ROI. The purity of the Gold is about 20 carat quality. We hope to obtain minimum of 0.5 kg of raw gold per day which sells for about $15,000. Our estimated monthly income is expected to be about $400,000.

We are looking for a loan. We are willing to pay back the invested amount within 6 months . Within this period the investor can control our account.
We need 3 months moratorium period from the day of Loan pay out. This is for the imported machines from China to arrive in Lagos port. We shall understand if the lender were to order the machines themselves.

All licenses are ready. We need funding to proceed with the actual mining.

Competitive Advantage

Gold is constantly being traded everyday all over the world. Our competitors and ourselves have a market big enough to sell our products.

Rationale for the deal

We can produce materials that are readily sold on the world market. We shall be generating revenue from the Gold sold.

Use of financing

Import Gold beneficiation machines from China, which cost about $60,000
Buy 2 Excavators , both costing $40,000 (preused)
Buy 1 pay loading machine for $20,000
Buy 2 tipping vehicles for $4000
Buy 1 site Van for $10000
3 Air compressors
Mining tools such as Drilling equipment and Jack hammers
Mining powders etc
Operating Costs

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for debt finance with interest rate up to 100%, payable back within 6 months. Interested investors should please contact us for clarifications. Thank you!

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