Equity Investment Needed in Granite Production Project with 60% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

*Granite production for local market at 50 tph targeted at the
link road.
*Funding reguired for equipment purchase and installation.
*40% share holding by Investors.

*Granite production involving drilling, blasting, and crushing at 50 tons per hour.
*For local market, targeting road construction and housing projects.
*Clients make deposits for granite supply. Recurrent expenditure is taken from sales income.
*The goal is to establish a sustainable quarry and run at full capacity for 3 years to recover the initial capital. Then expand the production capacity and include Marble production.
*Our Company has the raw material and a strong management team.
*Quarry site of 69.432 Heactares, with enormous rock deposits, along a Government proposed express road has already been acquired and company is registered with Government.
* A pre-feasibility study has been conducted.
* Project time line:
Installation and test run equipment September, 2016
Commencement of pilot production October-December, 2016
Full capacity production January 2017- December, 2019
Expansion January 2020
*We require Technical Assistance and supply of equipment by the Investor. The Investor provides the equity and owns 40% of the profit.

Competitive Advantage

Our company did not lease but own the quarry site. Lease always poses unpredictable challenges, some of which may kill the project. Our site is located along a major road that is being constructed and offers ready market. We have good access to the north and south, as we are in the middle belt. Local market also has a heavy demand, with few suppliers. We will maintain good Government patronage through our efficiency with excellent technical support. The other two major operators are less well located with additional cost of transportation for their products. Additionally, though not so strong, gender may be an advantage for me as the Company Director, in keeping with Government policy.

Rationale for the deal

The construction of the road that links the northern with the southern parts of the country has just resumed. There is a heavy demand for granites but based on scarcity of operating capital there are only few suppliers. The sale of granite is a lucrative business. This project is timely. The policy direction of Government is supportive. There are efforts by other market players to site more quarries along the link road but far away from our site. Funding appears to be a major constraint for most market players. We are collaborating with an experienced engineer who has managed both granite and marble production previously.

Use of financing

Investors' capital will be used solely for purchase of a basic set of quarry equipment: driller, crusher, vibrating screen, conveyors, vehicle, loader, generator, etc. Details are available later.
Two rounds of financing will be required.

Opportunity for the investor

40% shares will be offered to the Investor.
A hand-on investor is preferred.
Direct equipment purchase will be made so the usual 2 installments required by the manufacturers is desired.

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