Offer for Sale of an Unmined Quarry Site in a Good Location

Opportunity Snapshot

Granite Stone The estimated Granite reserve is more than 50 Milion metric tons, with more than 100% return on investment. Image Courtesy: Andrew Morrell, 2005, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

We wish to offer for sale a brand new quarry site situated in the Moro local government area of Kwara state, North-Central Nigeria.

We represent the family who owns the land in which this Granite rock is situated, and since they had put it up for sale we had been saddled with the responsibility to promote it.

The rock size is about 93,000 (ninety-three thousand) square metre.
It has a considerable height, and is deep into the ground.

The estimated Granite reserve is more than 50 Milion metric tons, with more than hundred percent return on investment.

Added to this site is the surrounding 600 plots of land.

The site is assessable through a (tarred) road, and it is close to a community based electricity grid.

Competitive Advantage

This site is located in an investor friendly environment, with little or minimal governmental taxation.

The community too has been yearning to have an industry situated in the area for a long time, which will be very advantageous to the would-be investor in this land.

There is also increasing market for the product that will be produced in this site. There are many federal, state and local government projects scattered all over the area, and there has always been the need for granite in such projects.

Opportunity for the investor

We are guaranteeing the investor all the needed logistics and documents for the smooth purchase and will help them start up their business on the site.

We are also making sure that we will be available to help them in all the paper-works for their business as regards exploration and production.

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