Invest in the First Social Networking Website from Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Nigeria Nigeria
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $30,000 / min. $30,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity is a social community that is aimed at building a virtual home, where people go to and be happy and also learn while surfing.

Currently on 1Plusall you can go to school, work to earn coin, enter politics, go to hospital, go for shopping, etc.

We are not able to really release the full features because of the kind of server we are using.

In the world of social networking we don’t have any representing us in Africa; these guys are only interested in the money they get from us daily. A very large amount of money is going out of Africa daily through social media and yet we are not recognized.

Launching has proved to the world that we can do it; we have at list 3 new features and ideal on the site. 1Plusall was built from scratch, differentiating itself from others in Africa who uses Joomla, Word Press etc.

Among the new features include:

(1) Audio and video promotion: users can promote their music here make their custom mix listen to it at any time or embed it to their application or website as their custom FM station.
User can also choose to listen to any celebrity or friend custom selection.

(2) Virtual home: Home on internet here you do the thing you do in real world, go to school to gain reputation, join polities, work, feed, visit hospital, go shopping etc

(3) Shout: this section is useful to the media where they can use the api to connect to their screen and receive life shout out

(4) Tourism: to showcase culture and show the world places of interest that they can visit on any country they visit. At the moment we have about 150 countries with their data’s this data are filled in manually by us

The site is designed with the best standard and that has made the site to get its current user, users have really welcomed the idea and have sent in several emails appreciating our effort.

Being the first time anybody would stand up from Africa to start something of this standard.

40% of the site traffic is by direct awareness and 50% is by invitation. 10% is by promotion. We have not been able to promote the site because of fund; we are using a dedicated serve.

If people are aware of the site the population will grow rapidly.

We are not running the site like an African website or American website; I made every individual see it as his own.

With this we can share our problems and reach more Africans. On Google, Yahoo, Twitter etc., today Yif you visit news section 99% of the news is about their continent.

And investment is done in this country and these guys keep promoting their stuff alone.

With this we intend to put a stop to this and put Africa as a whole in its place.

The website is multilingual, it detect your browser language and makes use of cookies for future reference.

Currently the site has five mobile versions: Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Opera Mini, generic device.

1Plusall interact with its users based on the information on the user profile. It has privacy option for users.

Competitive Advantage

1Plusall offers unique and new features together with determination that will make us in no time be ahead of our competitor. Our competitors have forgotten that social community site is supposed to be about the people and not business always. Because of this they have destroy the relationship between them and the users.

The only way they relate with the member is through video seminars.

But this will change with the feature of social networking

Rationale for the deal

We can not discus that hear because we will be giving out our plans to the public since our ideals are new.

Use of financing

We need server and publicity.

Based on the investors choice - we will be giving out free service for 2 months to pull in the crowd and make them understand what 1plusall is really about.

Most of the thing we will be paying for are paid monthly.

We have expertise on ground who have the fist hand experience with records.

Please contact us if you are interested and we will send you the full details how fast you will make your money and profits

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