Seeking Equity Investment for Bio-Methane Production in Nigeria

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Nigeria Nigeria
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $70,000,000 / min. $50,000,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

Investors are needed for a better renewable source of energy for cooking in households, eateries, institutions and alternative fuel for cars/ trucks.

We aim to produce Bio-methane gas and stoves for cooking and car modification garage for bi-fuel options. Funds will be used for Bio-methane plant, 20 vacuum trucks, 5 grappler trucks, 5 garbage trucks, 30 high-pressure gas conveyor trucks, 30 filling stations, 10 garage, and stoves.

The ompany intends to start the production of Bio-methane gas, which is a renewable source of energy for commercial purposes, cooking and vehicle fuel. We also want to introduce unique bio-methane cooker stoves, and then provide the service of a minor adjustment for those using LPG, so that households, eateries and institutions can use our gas, which is a better option for cooking.

For vehicles, we intend to build vehicle modification garages so that vehicle owners will get their vehicle modified to bi-fuel option vehicles either (diesel/bio methane or petrol/bio methane). This is due to the fact that petrol and diesel engines can both run on 100% bio-methane.

Our target market for the cooking energy consists of households, eateries and institutions. We will build gas filling stations for customers who use gas either for cooking or for vehicles. These filling stations could operate with credit cards and also cash at hand. For those, who would want to sell our products in their stations, a license from us would be granted to monitor the price.

In Nigeria today individuals use kerosene, firewood, charcoal, LPG and electricity as a form of cooking energy, and petrol and diesel as the only available vehicle fuel. Our research team discovered that income of individuals influences the cooking energy preferences as stated and technological advances with energy infrastructure also influences cost, accessibility and affordability of different fuel options for cooking. We have decided to provide another form of cooking energy and vehicle fuel, which is affordable, accessible, convenient, with less negative effect to the environment, efficient and with our licensing and stations, we can control the products price.

The founders would like the building of the plant to commence on the month of June 2013 and be completed by latest December 2013. The building of the filling stations and garage for vehicle modification should be completed between the months of (June- December 2013). The bio-methane stove construction and shipping should commence on October 2013. The employment and training of staffs will start from October- November 2013. Advertisement, enlightenment and sales of product and services will start on Jan 2014.

Competitive Advantage

In Nigerian households, eateries and institutions LPG, firewood, kerosene, and electricity are the means used for cooking using stoves. Our product, which is bio-methane gas/stoves, would be more appealing because it has no health hazards unlike LPG, firewood, charcoal and kerosene. It is less explosive compared to LPG and kerosene, electric stoves has risk of electrocution and its use can be limited by power instability and increase in bills.

Our product leaves cooking utensils clean unlike kerosene, charcoal and firewood. We will make sure our stoves are more efficient and easy to use with minimal risks. Also our vehicles only run on petrol and some diesel. With the introduction of our car modification garage service, we offer an opportunity for vehicle owners to have biofuel option vehicles which can run on our products bio-methane and petrol or diesel, our product is more environmental friendly than petrol and diesel, it is less explosive and it reduces noise and vibration in vehicle engines, it is better than petrol and diesel in vehicles.

These factors will make our product more appealing to consumers. We have no direct competitors because there is no one producing Bio-methane gas in Nigeria. We only have alternative or indirect competitor for our product, which are the marketers of kerosene, LPG, gasoline, charcoal, diesel and firewood. Our vehicle modification services have no competitors, neither directly nor indirectly.

Rationale for the deal

Bio methane for cooking and vehicle fuel is a renewable source of energy and has no green house effect, this has led a lot of countries to dive into biofuel production, we been the first to go into the production in large scale would have control over future markets, and would create a great market presently because our product is better than our indirect competitors, and our garage services have no competitor.

There would be a lot of money made from our garage services, selling of our product for cooking and vehicle fuels in our stations, giving license and selling to our licensed marketers. Our indirect competitors make a lot of money from their products because Nigeria has a very high demand for cooking and vehicle fuel so with a better alternative they would go for our products and services. We are a start up company but have experience through research and as consumers.

Use of financing

We need funds for Bio-methane plant construction, 10-vehicle modification garage, 30 filling stations, and lands. We also need funds for 20 vacuum trucks, 5 grappler trucks, 5 garbage trucks, 30 high-pressure gas conveyor trucks, and stoves.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for equity investment and we are offering 30% ROI.

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