Equity or Debt Investment Needed in E-Commerce/ Teleshopping Channel

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

My aim is to setup a TV channel, fully dedicated to shopping, bidding and auction. Investment needed for licenses, products manufacturing, logistics.

I am from Nigeria and I've been in to the field of Tele-shopping & E-commerce, Interactive & call tv and TV entertainment media in Nigeria and in the UK.

Currently, the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, China, India and other countries are currently enjoying huge successes and reaping major financial rewards. Being the first in West Africa and Nigeria in particular will give us the opportunity to be pioneers in a massive market with a lot to offer.

Apart from foreign products which will also be sold, there is a lot of emphasis on selling locally made products which until now are merely sold online or in shops. The Tele-shopping channel will be targeted nationwide and to all cell phone users.

This is the only market where the growth & profit rate is 45 – 75% with minimum risk as compared to other business sectors.

I am looking for some genuine Investor / Financier / JV financial partner / Silent partner / Sleeping partner who can invest minimum $600,000.00.

Revenue Generation:
Revenue starts immediately upon launching products on television & website.
Advertising on Network will also generate revenue.

Competitive Advantage

Being pioneers means we will have the opportunity to earn the consumers trust and confidence and also financial benefit.
We would be a well known brand with a major TV and online presence and therefore spread to other African companies.

Rationale for the deal

Nigeria has the biggest market just after South Africa. There is a lot of opportunity with local manufacturers and even online shops who are interested in shipping bulk items. Infomercials and advertising will also be a source of revenue generation.

Use of financing

2. Legal Requirements
2. Products Manufacturing
3. Comunication center
4. Logistics
5. Office, Warehouse & expertise
6. Media

Opportunity for the investor

For debt investment, expected payback of full loan and interest is within a period of 3 years with 25-30% ROI

For Equity Investment, a 50/50 deal is offered and negotiable.

Any type of Legitimate investor is welcome.

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